Adding Tasks

Last Updated: Jul 29, 2017 09:51PM EDT
If you want to schedule a one-time reminder or specific action for a contact, you can do so by adding a Task. To set an annually recurring event, such as a birthday or anniversary, use the Recurring Events feature on the contact's profile. You can then use the Send Card feature to send a handwritten card in celebration! See here for how.

You can add Tasks via the Dashboard and each contact's profile.



Click the "+ Task" button at the top of the Dashboard to add a Task.

A pop-up modal allows you to add the Task directly from the Dashboard. Type the contact's name or email address. Enter a Task title and the date you want to be notified of the Task (due date). You can also assign the Task to a team member. The Task will be assigned to you by default.

The Task will appear on your Dashboard the day it's due. To filter your Dashboard so you only see your Tasks, use the menu to the right of the Dashboard header.

To mark a Task as complete, tick the checkbox to the left of the Task title.

Contact profile

You can add a Task by clicking "+ Add Task" in blue on the right side of the contact's profile, near the bottom of the page.

For annually recurring events such as birthdays and anniversaries, click "+ Add Recurring Event," also on the right hand side of contact profile toward the bottom of the page. Recurring Events aren't visible when you scroll through the calendar on your Dashboard but generate Dashboard Task prompts each year on the day the event is due.

Once saved, you will see the Task or Recurring Event listed on the contact's profile. 


Can I set an event to recur monthly or at another frequency besides annually?

No, you can only create annually recurring events.

Can I set it so that I'm reminded of upcoming events before the actual day of the event?

If you want to be reminded of a recurring event in advance so that you can plan a celebration or send a card or gift, set two Recurring Events: one for the actual day of the event and another for a week or two in advance. For example, if Elizabeth's birthday is May 31, set one Recurring Event for May 31 and another for May 15. Title the May 31 event "Elizabeth's birthday!" and use "Birthday" as the event type. Title the May 15 event "Elizabeth's birthday is in two weeks" and use "Other" as the event type.

How can I make a to do list of Tasks for myself?

Create a contact for yourself in Contactually. Then set Tasks for yourself.

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