Adding and removing contacts from Buckets

Last Updated: Nov 15, 2017 04:22PM EST
How to bucket contacts

There are six ways to add contacts into Buckets and three years to change contacts' Buckets or remove contacts from Buckets.

On the Buckets tab

1. Go to the Buckets tab and click the Bucket you want to add contacts to.

2. Click "Add contacts +" toward the top of the page on the right hand side.

3. Search for and tick the checkboxes of the contacts you want to add.

4. Click Save.


Through the Bucket Game

The Bucket Game quickly sorts through 50 contacts at a time so you can efficiently bucket your most important relationships. To play the Bucket Game, click Bucket Game at the top right of either the Buckets or Contacts tab.

Once the game starts, each contact will be displayed in the form of a contact card. To add the contact to a Bucket, click or type the letter of the appropriate Bucket icon below the contact card. You can also click or hit the space bar to skip the contact or the letter X to archive the contact.


On the Contacts tab

1. Go to the Contacts tab and search for the contact you want to bucket.

2. To the right of the contact's name, find the column titled Bucket.

3. Click where it says "None" in gray. The list of Buckets will then show up. Tick the checkbox(es) of the Bucket(s) you want to add the contacts to or remove the contacts from.

4. Click Save.

Via the contact sidebar

1. Click the contact's name to open the contact sidebar.

2. Click Edit at the top of the contact sidebar.

3. Scroll down to find Buckets. Click Add to add the contact to a Bucket or click the X next to an existing Bucket to remove the contact from that Bucket.

4. Click Save.


On the Contact's profile page

1. Search for the contact you want to bucket and pull up that contact's profile.

2. On the right hand side, find the Buckets area of the profile.

3. Click the small blue Edit Buckets link.


4. A list of Buckets will show up. Tick the checkbox(es) of the Bucket(s) you want to add the contact to or remove the contact from.

Using the Gmail Plugin

The Chrome plugin enables you to bucket your contacts as you go. When composing an email, you'll notice that a dropdown appears. Click "Select buckets" to add the recipient to a Bucket, change the recipient's Bucket, or remove the recipient from the Bucket.


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