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Adding and removing contacts from Buckets (and the Bucket Game)

Last Updated: Jan 24, 2018 01:42PM EST
How to bucket contacts

There are several ways to add, remove, and change which contacts are assigned to which Buckets. Let's look at a few use cases: 
Bulk Bucketing through the Bucket Game

Use the Bucket Game to quickly launch a session of bucketing contacts that's more efficient and more fun than going through a list one by one. Each game session will provide you with 50 contacts to bucket and you may play as many sessions as you want, as long as you have unbucketed contacts remaining.

You don't have to bucket every contact presented in the game; you can skip a contact if you don't want to bucket it or aren't sure, or archive contacts that aren't business-relevant. You can also add new buckets right from the game.

screenshot of bucket game

Access the Bucket Game from the Buckets page or from the Contacts page.

If you access from the Contacts page, you can also request to bucket a specific set of contacts based on your current search results. If you choose to bucket from a set of search results, some results may already be bucketed. Click the current Bucket during the game to remove the contact from that Bucket before assigning a new one. You can also leave the current Bucket and select a second one.

From the Buckets page:

selecting the bucket game from the Buckets page header

From the Contacts page:

selecting the bucket game from the contacts page

Bucketing Multiple Contacts

Using the batch actions bar on the Contacts page, you can apply the same Bucket to multiple contacts at once.

  1. Search for or filter to the contacts of interest - current buckets, companies, tags, partial email addresses, or even last contacted date are common filters to apply when adding/removing contacts in the same Bucket.
  2. Select the contacts that you want to bucket by clicking on the checkbox to the left of the contact.
  3. Once you have selected all contacts, click "Edit Buckets" from the menu at the bottom of the screen.
  4. You may now put all selected contacts in a Bucket (or more than one) or remove all selected contacts from a Bucket at once, but you may not impact only some of the selected contacts. Click Save to finalize your selection.

batch actions bar with editing buckets

If you see a – in a checkbox (as shown in the image above), it means some contacts are already in the Bucket. Selecting that Bucket to change to a checkmark will put all contacts in, or clicking again to clear the checkmark will remove all contacts from. Leaving the – as-is will leave that partial set of contacts in the Bucket.

You can perform a similar batch action on the Buckets page by selecting a Bucket of interest and then selecting contacts who are already in that Bucket, triggering the same menu and options as shown above.

You can also add multiple contacts to a Bucket from the Buckets page by selecting a Bucket and then clicking "Add contacts", which will allow you to select contacts one-by-one to add from your entire database of non-archived contacts. This solution may work well for adding a small number of known contacts to a Bucket.

Updating Single Contacts

Updating an individual contact can be done from a few different places in Contactually. You can also conduct many of the actions described for multiple contacts on a single contact.

On the Contacts page: When viewing the Contacts page, click on the dropdown under the "Buckets" column 
for an individual contact to edit it. You may both add and remove Buckets this way.

On the Contact Sidebar: When viewing the contact in the sidebar, click edit and scroll down to "Buckets" add/remove Buckets. Click on the X to remove, and the "Add" button to add new Buckets.

animated gif of contact sidebar

On the Contact Profile page: When viewing a contact profile, click "Edit Buckets" to bring up the list of Buckets. You may add or remove Buckets.


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