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Last Updated: May 15, 2018 11:37AM EDT

How to sync with Google Contacts

Contactually automatically imports contacts from Google Contacts when you connect a Gmail email and imports new contacts going forward. This is a one-way sync from Google to Contactually. 

To sync contacts from Contactually back to Google Contacts, enable the integration in Contactually's Settings on the Integrations page.

1. Click Connect next to Google and select the account you'd like to sync contacts to.

2. Once the connection is in place, the button next to Google will change to Disconnect. Click the small blue Settings link underneath the Disconnect button.

3. Select the Buckets whose contacts you want to sync to Google Contacts. Contacts are always synced by Bucket. There is no option to sync all contacts in Contactually to Google Contacts. 

4. Save.

After the connection is in place, a Group called "Contactually" will show up in your Google Contacts. Your Contactually contacts can be found in that group.

The following information is synced from and to Google contacts:

- name
- company
- job title
- email addresses
- phone numbers
- addresses, and
- notes.


How can I sync all Contactually contacts to Google Contacts?

Because contacts are synced by Bucket, you must have all your Contactually contacts in Buckets to sync them to Google Contacts. You can either have one Bucket that houses all contacts or bucket every contact in the appropriate Bucket. You can have contacts in multiple Buckets so that some Buckets are merely organizational. To mass bucket contacts, see here.

How can I sync my Buckets with my Google Groups?
To export your Google contact groups to Buckets, follow the instructions here.

Can I sync from or to Google Contacts in more than one Gmail?

You can sync from the Google Contacts of all connected Gmails. You can only sync to one Google Contacts.

Will information in custom fields sync to or from Google Contacts? 

No, custom fields neither sync to Google Contacts from Contactually nor from Google Contacts to Contactually.

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