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Linking social media to contacts' profiles

Last Updated: Jul 29, 2017 02:45PM EDT

Keep tabs on your contacts' activities

Contactually scrubs the internet for your contacts' social networks by matching their email addresses to the email addresses associated with their social profiles. Depending on the privacy settings your contacts have for their social presences, Contactually may be able to automatically provide links to their social profiles. These appear under Social Media on the right hand side of each contact profile.

You can also manually add a link to social network profile to a contact's profile in Contactually.

1. Open the contact's profile page.

2. Click the Edit button on the top right.


3. Click on "+ Add social profile."

4. Some social media links need to be formatted in a specific way. Type in the name of the social network in the field labeled "Type" and paste the URL of the contact's profile on that social network in the field labeled "Social network."

Format social network names exactly as below.

For Google+, type Googleplus for "Type"
For LinkedIn, type Linkedin for "Type"
For Facebook, type Facebook for "Type"
For Twitter, type Twitter for "Type"
For Instagram, type Instagram for "Type"

5. Click Save.

Note that adding a social network URL to a contact's profile is not the same as requesting to follow or be connected to the contact on that specific social network, i.e. adding a contact's LinkedIn URL does not automatically connect you to the contact on LinkedIn. Adding the URL simply allows you to launch the contact's social profile directly from Contactually.

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