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Why do I have to connect my email?

Last Updated: Jul 24, 2017 08:22PM EDT
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Contactually automatically builds a database of contacts for you based on people you've sent and received emails from. New contacts will continue to be imported as long as your email remains connected to Contactually.

Connecting your email also allows Contactually to automatically log your communications, creating  a centralized contact record for each of your contacts. A complete communication history ensures that Contactually reminds you to reengage with the contacts you've actually fallen out of touch with, not contacts you've recently spoken with.

Key benefits

To connect your email account to Contactually, go to Contactually's Settings and click Email on the left hand side.

Automatic import of contacts from your email account

When you connect your email account, Contactually creates contact records for everyone you've emailed. No need to worry about importing a spreadsheet or manually adding contacts. 
If you use Gmail or Office 365, contacts are also automatically imported from your address book. 

Initial sync of historical emails

Not only will you have a solid base of contacts to work with once you connect your email account, but you'll also have a historical log of prior conversations with those contacts going back six months. Because of this historical sync, you won't have to wait to receive Follow-Up Reminders for your contacts. If you've fallen out of touch with your contacts based on the Follow-Up Reminder intervals you have in your Buckets, you'll immediately start receiving Follow-Up Reminders. Contacts must be in Buckets in order for Contactually to know you want to be reminded to follow up with them.


Contactually will automatically track whether or not you communicate with contacts and log emails you send and receive. This allows you to easily find prior conversations with any contact. It also ensures Contactually sends Follow-Up Reminders only when needed.

Automatic sync of new contacts going forward

Because Contactually automatically tracks your emails, it'll be easy for Contactually to identify when you send or respond to an email from a new contact. When that happens, Contactually will automatically create a new contact record for that person and begin logging any future inbound or outbound emails.

Reliable reminders to keep in touch with important contacts

Buckets remind you to keep in touch with your contacts. For the reminder to be reliable, Contactually needs to have up-to-date communication records. Connecting your email allows Contactually to track your conversations and see if you've fallen out of touch or have maintained consistent communication with your contacts.

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