Connecting an IMAP email

Last Updated: Aug 21, 2017 02:17PM EDT
Before you connect an IMAP email to Contactually, find out what your IMAP email settings are. You'll need to know your email username, IMAP incoming server, port settings, and if SSL is enabled. Most of the time this information can be found in your email account's settings. Your username is generally the entire email address or everything before the @ sign in the email. Try one and then try the other if your first try doesn't work.

If you purchased your email domain from a third party provider, run an internet search to find your incoming server and port settings. For example, if you purchased your email from GoDaddy, search on "GoDaddy incoming server" and "GoDaddy port settings."

Some email providers, such as Yahoo and AOL, can be either IMAP or POP, so it's important to open your email's settings and check which type of mail server your email uses. If you find you're using a POP mail server, your email can be be switched from POP to IMAP via the settings in your phone or desktop email application. Click here for a list of instructions based on your email provider and email application.

How to connect an IMAP email to Contactually

1. Go to Settings and then Email on the left hand side.

2. Under Connect Your Email Account, click IMAP.

3.  Enter your 
  • username
  • email password
  • IMAP server address, and
  • port number (usually either 993 or 143).
4. Tick the checkbox to Use SSL if the port number was 993.

5. Click Connect. You will see a blue bar on top that confirms that your email address was successfully connected. Once your email syncs, you'll receive an email indicating how many contacts and messages were brought in.


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