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Making Contactually a habit

Last Updated: Jan 24, 2018 11:34AM EST
Integrate Contactually into your daily schedule and maximize your ROI

Life is busy. We all know that! Only sporadically logging into Contactually will make for an overwhelming Dashboard with tons of overdue actions. It’s best to make Contactually part of your normal routine.
Whether it's a physical paper calendar or a digital calendar, open it. Ask yourself, when will I have 30 minutes to use Contactually? Be honest and realistic. If you’re not a morning person, don’t schedule it for the morning! If you know you won't be able to use Contactually on a daily basis, schedule time every couple of days, or schedule a longer period of time on a weekly basis.

Below are examples of when some of our users schedule their Contactually time.

  • They send follow ups while drinking their first (or second) cup of coffee.
  • They won't leave for lunch until they’ve logged into Contactually.
  • They've dedicated a certain time of a certain day of the week to do admin tasks.
  • After dinner, they watch TV and send their Contactually Follow-Ups.
Sending Follow-Ups may be your primary goal with Contactually, but as long as you’re logging in, you’re slowly building a habit. Maybe you play the Bucket Game two times each night. Maybe you send one Follow-Up each morning. Figure out what works for you and stick to it.
Use the mobile app

If you're often on the go, download the Contactually mobile app to bucket contacts and complete Follow-Ups while out and about. This way you don't have to worry about having lost regular Contactually time to an appointment that came up. Just be sure to recuperate that time by using the app while waiting for a client or waiting in line while running errands.

It's a good idea to place the app on the first homescreen on your phone. If it gets buried on the second or third homescreen, or in a folder, you'll be much less likely to see it and be reminded that you have Follow-Ups to do. You can also enable push notifications for the Contactually app so you don't miss important alerts such as new lead assignments and Email Open Notifications. You can do this in your phone's Settings.

Set Contactually as your homepage so you're automatically logged in and on your Dashboard when you open the internet. Make sure the page opens to

Download the Chrome plugin

You can add the Contactually plugin if you use Chome to access your Gmail. For instructions, see here.

Hold yourself accountable

It’s not rocket science that keeping yourself accountable makes you more likely to stick with a product. Below are some ways our users make sure they stay on track.
  • They buddy up with someone else they know who is using Contactually and make a game out of it. The person with the lower grade must take the other one out for coffee.
  • They pay for the annual plan. Because they've paid for the year upfront, it drives them to utilize their account more and get the most for their money. No one likes to waste their hard-earned income.
  • They keep a small physical calendar near their computers. Each day they go into Contactually, they put a big check mark or sticker on that day in the calendar. Seeing the marks pile up on the calendar give them the drive to keep the streak going.
  • They use accountability apps, such as 21habit and beeminder. If they don’t send the number of follow ups you want, they're charged a fee!

Make Contactually Work for You!

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