Buckets vs. Tags

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Buckets vs. Tags

A Bucket dictates how often you want to be in touch with a group of contacts and can prompt Follow-Up Reminders for those contacts.

A Tag is a sub label that provides information that you may want to use to pull a list of contacts and does not prompt Follow-Up Reminders.

The Bucket reminds you to follow up with the leads and the Tag allows you to pull a list at the end of the year to see how many of your leads were referrals. A general rule of thumb is that if the label you're tracking doesn't dictate how often or if you need to follow up, use a Tag.

How to create Buckets and Tags

How to create a Bucket
How to tag contacts

Examples of Buckets and Tags


Buckets: Industry verticals (IT, Health care, HR, Sales) or level of interest (Interested, Not Right Now, 90-day check in)
Tags: Location, salary range, years of experience, certifications, degrees

Real Estate

 Current Clients, Past Clients
Tags: Neighborhood, zip code, seasonal mailing list

Buckets: Vendors, Contractors, Partners
Tags: Home inspector, mortgage lender, interior designer, plumber


 Hot Leads, Warm Leads, Cold Leads
Tags: Referral, potential upsell, small team, large team, location


 Three-month follow-up, Six-month follow-up, Yearly follow-up
Tags: Book club, babysitter, college alum, neighborhood association, location


 Website Leads, Newsletter, Mentors
Tags: Interests, webinar/speaking event attended


 Donors, Vendors, Influencers
Tags: Level of donation, industry, organization/group

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