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Last Updated: Sep 29, 2017 03:59PM EDT

Efficiently manage sales from start to finish

Different stages of the real estate sales cycle sometimes require different tools and applications to be handled efficiently. But the efficiency soon disappears when you spend all your spare time updating separate databases and cross checking them to ensure consistency across platforms.

Fortunately, Contactually integrates with dotloop, allowing you to track contacts from inquiry to closing without any gaps. Use Contactually to generate leads and develop the relationship that will convert them to clients. When the transaction process starts, simply sync those contacts to dotloop.

Online transactions – all in one place

Use dotloop to easily create, complete, and store all the documents related to a transaction. Take advantage of document templates and forms with autofill functions. Seamlessly share documents with all participants and quickly gather electronic signatures. No longer worry about hacks into sensitive information. dotLoop securely encrypts documents and takes cares of audit trails, as well as integrates with accounting tools to ensure your financials are accurate.

Leverage Contactually and dotloop together to run your business more smoothly. No longer build in time to manually maintain two databases. Use the extra time to do what you do best – work with buyers and sellers!


How to sync Contactually contacts to dotloop

First, establish the connection with dotloop under Integrations in your Contactually Settings. Find the dotloop icon and click the blue Connect button to its right. You must already have a dotloop account in order to connect it to Contactually. You can connect multiple dotloop profiles.

Contactually contacts are synced to dotloop loops via deals in Contactually Pipelines. You can initiate a sync when creating a Deal or editing an existing Deal.

In the Create Deal or Edit Deal pop-up window, use the toggle bar for dotloop to slide the toggle to the right so that it turns blue. Click Save. Select the dotloop profile you want to connect and use the dropdown menu to create a new loop. Select the transaction type and transaction status. Then click Save.

To disconnect a dotloop sync, click the name of a Deal to be taken to the Deal's overview page and click Edit Deal at the top of the page. In the pop-up window, scroll to the dotloop section and click "Remove dotloop link?" Confirm you want to stop syncing this Deal's contacts to dotloop by clicking Remove.


Can I connect multiple dotloop profiles to Contactually?

Yes. When you add a Contactually Deal's contact(s) to dotloop and have multiple dotloop profiles connected, you'll be able to select the profile you want to sync to.

Do dotloop contacts sync to Contactually?

Contacts in dotloop are added to Contactually if they are in loops already connected to Contactually Deals. Contacts in loops not connected to Contactually Deals are not added to Contactually.

How often do dotloop and Contactually sync?

The sync occurs about once an hour and will update dotloop loops and Contactually deals at that time.

Can I sync to existing dotloop loops?

Yes. Simply select an existing loop when establishing the sync with a Contactually Deal. Any contacts in the loop that aren't yet in the Deal will be added to the Deal as well as to your general Contactually database.

Will disconnecting the sync between a Contactually Deal and a dotloop loop delete anything?

No, disconnecting the sync will only separate the Deal and loop. The Deal will remain in Contactually. The loop will remain in dotloop. Contacts already in Contactually and dotloop will remain there.

If I disconnect the sync between a Contactually Deal and a dotloop loop, can I reconnect it so that the Deal syncs to the same loop as before?

No. You can go to Edit Deal and create a new loop to connect to, but you can't sync the Deal to an existing loop.

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