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Last Updated: Dec 20, 2017 03:25PM EST
Close more business by optimizing how you work with your team

As a team lead, you spend countless dollars to supply quality leads to your team. But have you ever seen prime opportunities come in from online sources and started planning on increased revenue, only to belatedly discover that no one followed up? Use Lead Routing to avoid missed opportunities.

Round-robin leads by type or source to specific groups of agents, or manually assign leads based on who's best suited to work with those prospects. 
Ensure leads are distributed efficiently and owned from initial inquiry to conversion, driving more revenue for your team.




How Lead Routing works

Admins create Lead Pools, which allow them to manage lead sources and the team members who can be assigned leads from those sources.

  • Admins can specify the team members that will get leads from a given Pool.
  • One or more Buckets can be set up as sources for a Lead Pool. Contacts placed in the Bucket(s) attached to the Lead Pool are assigned as leads to the team members in that Lead Pool.
  • An admin can set the routing logic to manual or round-robin (cycles evenly through the team members in that Pool).
  • A team member receives assigned leads via a default Bucket. The team member can change which Bucket receives assigned leads at any time.


Admins can view and manage leads from a Lead Routing dashboard.

  • Admins can see which contacts were routed as leads, which Pools the leads were routed through, which team members were assigned the leads and when the leads were assigned, and the date the leads were last contacted by their assigned owners.
  • Admins can filter by Pool and assignment.
  • Admins can assign or reassign leads. Assigning or reassigning a lead triggers both an email and in-app notification for the affected team member(s).
  • Admins can remove leads.


How to set up Lead Routing

The Lead Routing feature is available to all Professional Plan, Accelerator Plan, and Enterprise Plan teams.

To access Lead Routing, click your initials or photo at the top right hand corner of your account and click Lead Routing.


1. Click on Create Lead Pool at the top right. A Lead Pool sources leads from one or more Buckets and distributes them to team members via manual or round-robin routing. Give your Lead Pool a name and click Submit.

2. Specify the source Bucket(s) where your leads will be coming from. The source Bucket(s) must be in your account.

3. Set the distribution method to either manual or round-robin.

4. Optional: Specify a Follow-Up Reminder for all assigned leads from this Pool.

5. Add team members to receive leads from this Pool.


How do I turn off Lead Routing?

You can turn off Lead Routing by Pool. To deactivate a Pool, click to edit the Pool. At the top right, slide the "Lead Pool is active" toggle to the left. To delete the Pool, click Delete.

To turn off lead routing entirely, deactivate or delete all Lead Pools.

If I reassign a lead, can the new owner see the conversations the previous owner had with the lead?

The new owner will be able to see conversations between the lead and the previous owner only if the lead is in a shared bucket that both new and previous owner have access to.

How do team members know I've assigned them leads?

Once an hour, each team member with newly assigned leads receives an email notification. Team members receive in-app notification at the top right hand corner immediately upon being assigned leads.

Team members also receive email and in-app notifications when leads are reassigned from them to other team members.

Can I set it up so that an automated campaign kicks off for assigned leads?

An admin can create a follow-up campaign and place it in the Team Library under Programs. From there, team members can download the campaign and attach it to the Buckets in their accounts that receive assigned leads. When leads are routed into those Buckets, the campaign will be triggered.

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