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Importing Facebook leads

Last Updated: May 15, 2018 10:35AM EDT
Automate online lead follow-up

Facebook is a valuable marketing platform and increasingly a significant source of leads. But there's no sense in spending money on Facebook leads if there's no follow-up. It's easy to miss a lead in an overcrowded inbox. Or maybe you follow up, but not fast enough. After all, online leads generally go with the first person who replies.

With Contactually, automatically import leads from Facebook ads to a specific Bucket. Attach a Program to that Bucket to trigger an immediate response or a series of follow-up actions. Never again lose an online lead because of delayed communication!


How to import Facebook leads to Contactually

There are two types of Facebook ads:
1. A Facebook ad: When the ad is clicked, it redirects to a website, landing page, etc.
2. A Facebook Leads ad: When the ad is clicked, it triggers a contact information form.
Contactually can only capture a lead from the second type of Facebook ad, a Facebook Leads Ad.

To set this up, use the Zapier trigger for "when a new lead is created" via a Facebook Leads Ad and use the "Add Contact" action in Contactually. You must be a Premium Zapier subscriber to use this Zap.

You can specify that the lead be added to a specific Contactually Bucket. By attaching that Bucket to a Program, you can automate an immediate response or trigger a set of follow-up actions.
Be sure that you have connected Zapier to Contactually in Settings and Integrations.

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