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Last Updated: Jul 16, 2018 06:02PM EDT
Use the Contactually Chrome extension for Gmail to get all the contact info you need without leaving your inbox. With the extension, you can view the contact sidebar; check your current Follow-Up status; and update Buckets, Tags, or other contact information.
At this time, our extension is only available in Chrome and is only compatible with Gmail (including Google Apps/enterprise accounts). Some non-Gmail personal accounts can be accessed using the Gmail mail client, and the extension will work with those, as well.

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Install and sign in to the Chrome extension
Install the Chrome extension by visiting our Chrome store listing and clicking “Add to Chrome” in the upper-right. If you’d ever like to uninstall it, you can right-click on the extension icon in the Chrome header and select “Remove from Chrome…”.
When we release updates to the extension, Chrome will automatically roll those updates out to you within a few hours. If we release a major update, you may notice a new tab open with information about the update. To receive a released update sooner, right-click on the extension icon, choose “Manage Extensions” and click “Update” at the top of the page.
Once you have installed the extension, it will only be active in Gmail. If you click on the extension icon and you are not in Gmail, a new tab will open to take you there. Once in Gmail, the extension can be open or minimized, but it will not disappear entirely unless the extension is uninstalled or disabled.
Sign in to the extension using your email and password. If you usually sign in to Contactually using a one-click button from Google or Office 365, use the same email address, plus the password that you set the first time you signed in. If you don’t remember this password, you can reset it here.

How to use the extension
Hover over a contact in your list of emails in any folder, and Contactually will look up that contact by email address. If there is a record in Contactually, you will see the full contact sidebar with details about that contact.

  • Add or remove Buckets or Tags:
  • Add Notes, Interactions, or Tasks:

  • View full contact profile (click-through to, edit contact, or archive:

  • View Best Time to Send Email suggestions (available on certain plans); Activity History; Current Program; and Contact Information
To add a new contact, reply to their email or type their email address in a new email composer window. The contact will be immediately added, and the features above, like editing, Bucketing, or Tagging, will be available in the contact sidebar.

I received a message that said “This email account is not connected”—what does this mean? The email address of your Gmail account needs to match to an email address that is connected to your Contactually account. You can add as many email accounts to your Contactually account as you’d like, by visiting Settings.

Your account must be in good standing to use the extension. If your account is cancelled or your trial has expired, you will not be able to use the extension until that is fixed. Please reach out to if you have billing questions or concerns.

Use the extension for non-Gmail accounts, too! In some cases, you can set up Gmail to be your mail client for non-Gmail personal accounts. If you have done this, you are able to use the Contactually extension for those accounts when accessing via Gmail. Learn more in this Gmail support article.

Signing out of the extension. To sign out of the extension, you will need to sign out of the Contactually website. If you clear your cookies, you will need to sign in to the extension again.

What happened to the Contactually button in Gmail? An older version of the Gmail extension enabled the side panel with a button in Gmail; if you are a previous user, please note that this button no longer exists. You can open and minimize the extension directly in the extension, or by clicking on the Contactually icon in the header. In addition, Bucket and Tag functions have moved from the composer to the side panel.

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