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Overview of the Dashboard (how-to)

Last Updated: Jun 13, 2018 11:50AM EDT
The Dashboard serves as the central hub of Follow-Up Reminders, Tasks, and other items that may need to be addressed, such as new contacts in need of bucketing, contacts in need of merging, and Email Open Notifications. It also provides a letter grade to show at a glance how well you're keeping up with your Follow-Ups.

Types of Dashboard action items

There are several types of action items that appear on the main panel of the Dashboard.

Follow-Ups – Reminders generated by Buckets, Program steps, or Pipeline stages; to follow up, click Follow Up

Tasks – To dos you've set for contacts for particular dates or prompts generated by Program steps to follow up in a specific way; to mark a Task as complete, tick it's checkbox

Recurring events – Birthdays, anniversaries, and other recurring events you've set; to mark a recurring event as complete, tick its checkbox

Scheduled emails awaiting approval – Emails scheduled via Programs that require reviewing and approval before sending; to review and send a scheduled email, click Preview & Send, make any changes, and then click Send


Important and time-sensitive notifications are indicated by a number at the top right of the Dashboard where the bell icon is. These include Email Open Notifications and alerts that the system is down or your email is no longer syncing.


If you've connected your calendar to Contactually, each day's calendar events will show at the top of the Dashboard. You can also hide your calendar events from the Dashboard by adjusting the calendar settings for Contactually.

Merge contacts suggestions

Suggested contacts to merge are viewable by clicking the Merge Contacts button on the right hand side of the Dashboard. Contactually suggests merging contacts when contact information appears to be the same.

Network Health

Your Network Health allows you to see how well you’re staying in touch with the people who matter most by measuring how well you're doing against your Bucket Follow-Up Reminder intervals. You can click on the green, yellow, or red area to view your strong, fading, or weak relationships, respectively. The more fading and weak relationships you convert to strong relationships, the better your grade will be.

Adding Tasks and contacts

You can add a new Task or contact by clicking the "+ Task" or "+ Contact" button at the top of the Dashboard.

Viewing messages

You can view drafted, scheduled, and sent messages as well as their tracking statistics by clicking the Messages button, also at the top of the Dashboard.

Recently added contacts

On the right side of the Dashboard is a list of your most recently emailed contacts who aren't yet in Buckets. You can add them to Buckets, ignore them, or delete them directly from the Dashboard.

Best practices for a manageable Dashboard

Follow the best practices below to maximize the value you get from Contactually and avoid being overwhelmed by Dashboard items.

Block daily time on your calendar to complete Dashboard action items (Follow-Ups, Tasks, etc.). Make it a habit to hold yourself accountable to strengthening your relationships with contacts. Otherwise, your Dashboard items will pile up, and you'll be buried in items when you finally take time to complete them.

Identify how many Follow-Ups you want to do per day, and adjust your Follow-Up Reminder settings. Make this a realistic number. It's better to aim low and complete the Follow-Ups due than aim high and become overwhelmed.

Complete action items of the same type all at once for greater efficiency. You can toggle between item types so that you see all your scheduled emails ("Approvals"), Tasks, unanswered messages, or general Follow-Ups.

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