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Overview of Content Libraries (how-to)

Last Updated: Nov 02, 2017 11:36AM EDT
Utilize best practice content for greater success

Don't have the time or skill for strategic writing and high-level process-building? Or simply want to see what's working for other professionals in your industry?

Contactually has curated hundreds of market-proven email templates and best practice workflows from top users. Download an unlimited number of Buckets, Templates, Programs, and Pipelines. Then modify them if necessary to more closely match your audience and business.

If you've crafted your own email template or follow-up workflow that's especially effective, copy it to the library to use again and easily replicate your success. Similarly, team admins can copy content to the Team Library to make it available for download by any team member. For more on Team Libraries, see here.


How to download content

The Content Library for each feature can be accessed by clicking the blue Add From Library button at the top right of the feature's page.

Alternatively, click your initials or photo at the top right corner of your account and click Library on the dropdown menu.

Filter the downloadable content for that feature by using the left sidebar, which has content sorted by industry and role.

Click the copy icon to the right of the piece of content you want to add to your account. You can edit it immediately and also once it's been downloaded to your account. It will download to your Library, which you can access using the dropdown menu at the top left of the Library (change to My Library).


How can I see and edit the content I've downloaded?

All content you've downloaded or copied to your Library is in the area of the Library called My Library. You can access your library by using the dropdown menu at the top left of the Library. Simply click a piece of content to edit it and save changes.

Can I modify the content once I download it and save the modified version?

If the content has been voluntarily downloaded from the Global Contactually Library or your Team Library, you can modify it and the modifications will override the original you downloaded into your account.

If an Email Template has been pushed to you by your team admin, you must use the copy feature to duplicate it before modifying it because pushed content is read-only. The modified version will save separately from the original.

You can always modify a Template while sending it as part of a Follow-Up, Program step, or ScaleMail, regardless of if the Template was downloaded from the Global or Team Library. Modifications made while sending a Template will affect that one message or ScaleMail batch and not the master Template.

Is editing a Program or Pipeline on the Programs or Pipelines tab the same as editing a Program or Pipeline in my Library?

All changes reflect automatically in both places. Clicking Edit for a specific Program or Pipeline via its respective tab makes changes directly via the Library. Likewise, making edits to a Program or Pipeline in your Library automatically updates the Program or Pipeline in the tab.

One difference between the two ways of editing a Program: When using the Library to create, download/copy, and edit Programs, you can only add or edit three types of steps: Send Message, Remind Me to Follow Up, and Custom Task. To add other types of steps (Move to Program, Sync To, Add to Bucket, Remove from Bucket, etc.), you must use the editing feature in the Programs tab. To access this, click the Programs tab, click the name of the Program you want to edit, and click Edit at the top right. After being added through the editing feature in the Programs tab, these steps (steps other than Send Message, Remind Me to Follow Up, and Custom Task) are visible but not editable when viewing Programs in the Library.

How do I restore the content to its original version?

First delete the modified version in your account. Once you've deleted it, return to the Library and download the piece of content again.

Why are some Templates labeled "TEXT"?

Templates labeled "TEXT" are shorter and designed for use on Contactually's mobile app. Templates not labeled "TEXT" can also be sent as text messages via Contactually's mobile app, although keep in mind their lengths are generally more suited to email.

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