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Tracking email engagement rates

Last Updated: Jul 30, 2017 12:17AM EDT
Tracking email effectiveness

Emails and phone calls are the bread and butter of almost all business relationships. With digital communication being so central to outreach and continued communication, it's critical that you have a way to measure how well your emails are performing. The best way to track engagement is through response rates. (After all, anyone could open an email briefly before deleting it.)

Use the Response tab of the Insights page to see how much of an impact your emails are making. In addition to response rates, pay close attention to click rates, which track how many times links within your messages were clicked. You can also see open rates.

As a team admin, see at a glance whose emails are performing best. Consider copying those team members' emails into the Team Library as Templates, allowing success to be replicated across the team.


Opens, clicks, and responses are represented by separate bars for each team member. The yellow bar shows opens, the orange bar shows clicks, and the red bar shows responses. To see just one of the metrics tracked, click the appropriate metric 
on the legend at the bottom right. 


Click the data selector at the top right of the graph to specify the time period shown.

You can also click a team member's name below the graph to open that team member's graph. Click the Response tab at the top of the graph to pull up the message tracking graph for that team member. Hover your mouse over the graph to see the breakdown for each day.

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