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Integrating with other tools via Zapier

Last Updated: May 15, 2018 10:57AM EDT

What can I use Zapier for?

Having all your leads, contacts, and communications in one place is key to an organized and efficient business. It isn't always possible to use the same tool for all your activities, however.

On the Integrations page in Settings, you'll see that Contactually integrates with some but not all applications. For this reason, the integration with Zapier is especially useful because Zapier connects apps with Contactually so you can use them together.

Perhaps you have a website and leads captured there are funneled into a backend CRM or your email. Save time by redirecting these leads directly to Contactually. You can then place them in a Bucket and follow up or on a campaign for automated emails. Maybe you have an e-newsletter and you want to export your Contactually database with the newsletter tool. Save energy by syncing the two applications directly. Zapier is even helpful for one-off events, such as uploading a stack of business cards into your database.

Many connections, called Zaps, already exist. You can scroll through them here or create your own.

How does Zapier work?

Zapier uses Zaps to connect Contactually with other apps. Zaps are made up of triggers and actions. A trigger is an event that happens in the first app and an action is the event that Zapier automatically performs in the second app.

Think of a Zap as an if/then formula. If a trigger occurs in the first app, an action results in the second app.

Choosing Contactually as the trigger app

If you choose Contactually as the trigger app, i.e. the app that sends data, the data will be pushed to the second app if a new contact is created that includes an email address. The contact must have an email address in order for the data to be pushed to the second app.

Choosing Contactually as the action app

If you choose Contactually as the second app, i.e. the app that receives data, you can choose any of the actions below to occur.
  • Create contact (creates a contact using the email address pushed from the trigger app)
  • Create Task (can only be created if the trigger app pushes over the contact's email address, the Task's title, and the Task's due date)
  • Create contact history (logs communication history based on email address and timestamp)

How to create a Zap

A Zapier account is needed to create a Zap.

1. Choose a trigger and an action.

2. Connect app 1 (trigger app) by providing your credentials for that app.

Connect app 2 (action app) by providing your credentials for that app.

Set up a Filter for triggers. These conditions need to be met in order for the action to happen.


5. Map fields, taking note of the required fields. For example, the trigger might be "Job Position" in the first app and the action might be to log that information under "Job Title" in the second app. You can use the "Insert fields" button to the right of each field to look for available triggers.


6. Test the Zap.

7. Name the Zap.


8. Click Turn Zap On.

Other integrations

You can also browse Contactually's Marketplace for direct integrations in the categories of Analytics, Data Import, Messaging, Phone, Productivity, Real Estate, and Website.

Need to capture leads from Facebook Leads ads? Just follow these instructions.


Why are there some applications I can't make a Zap for? 

Not all apps in 
Zapier have an email field (for example, phone apps). When there's no email fields, Contactually can't create contacts or match the information to an existing contact in your database. Contactually can't connect to these apps via Zapier.

Does the action "Create Interaction" mean the email content will be logged?

No. Only the email's time and date will be logged. The subject line may also be logged,
 but only if you mapped that field when creating the Zap.

The Zap doesn't seem to be working. How do I know if an error is occurring?

Go to your Task History in Zapier to see if the Zap has been experiencing any issues. If no issues are shown, check if any of the below could be causing problems.

  • Make sure the Zap is correctly mapped based on what you want to occur.
  • Make sure your username and password for both the trigger and actions apps are correct.
  • If the Zap is not creating contacts in Contactually, check that the trigger app's contacts have email addresses. An email address is required to create a contact in Contactually.
  • If the Zap is not creating Tasks in Contactually, check that the trigger app's contacts have email addresses and that you've specified the Task title and due date.
  • If the Zap is not logging any contact history in Contactually, check that the trigger app's contacts have email addresses and log the times emails were sent or received.

If you still need assistance, email with
  • a screenshot of the error message
  • a screenshot of both trigger and action details, and
  • a screenshot of the Zap's details (especially the matching fields).

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