Team-wide permissions

Last Updated: Nov 15, 2017 01:46PM EST

The team Permissions tab allows the administrator to set team-wide settings for contact exporting, sharing, archiving, and deleting.

How to set team-wide settings

To access the Permissions tab, click your photo or initials in the top right of your account, click Settings, and then scroll down on the left hand side and find the Permissions tab under Team.

Contact Data Export

Checking this box will allow all team members to export any contacts they have access to. If the box is unchecked, the export functionality will be disabled, including for personal contacts; only the team admins will be able to export contacts.
Share All Contacts

Checking this box will share visibility of all contacts with all team members, regardless of if the contacts are in shared Buckets. All team members will be able to search for and view all contacts. However, team members won't be able to edit contacts or add them to Buckets unless the contacts are in shared Buckets. Nor will team members be able to view all conversations with contacts unless given permission via a Bucket. See here for details.
Deleting and Archiving Contacts

Checking this box will allow all team members to archive and delete shared contacts they have access to. Leaving the box unchecked means that team members can only archive and delete contacts they own (versus contacts that have been shared with them).

Once you determine the permissions you want to set for your team, click "Save Settings."


Can I set it so that all Buckets are automatically shared?

No, you have to manually share Buckets. To do so, click the Buckets tab, select the Bucket you want to share, and click the Bucket's small Sharing tab. For details, see here.

Can I set it so that everything (all contacts, Buckets, Pipelines, Programs, and Templates) are automatically shared?

No, you can automatically set contacts to be shared team-wide. The other things you have to manually share.

How do I share visibility of only some contacts, not all?

If you only want to share some contacts, don't tick the box next to "Share All Contacts" in Permissions. By default, all contacts are private. You can use Buckets to selectively share contacts with the team members who need access to them. For details, see here.

Can I set archiving, deleting, and exporting permissions by team member instead of team-wide?

No, the permissions on the team Permissions page apply to the entire team.

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