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Importing LinkedIn contacts

Last Updated: Mar 27, 2018 08:09AM EDT
Stay on top of your professional connections

Are valuable contacts of yours connected to you on LinkedIn but nowhere else? Easily import your list of LinkedIn connections into Contactually. Use Contactually Buckets to prioritize your most important LinkedIn connections and ensure you follow up consistently. Don't have your connections' email addresses? Don't worry. When you export your contact list from LinkedIn, connections' emails are included, even if they aren't publicly displayed online. You can follow up via email and your messages will go directly to your connections' inboxes!


How to import LinkedIn connections to Contactually

1. Click here and log in to your LinkedIn account. Once you're logged in, scroll down until you see "Getting an archive of your data."

2. Click to expand then hit the "Send Request" button. Wait approximately about 10 to  15 minutes until the button changes to Download.


3. Click the Download button and a zip file of all your data will automatically be downloaded to your computer.

If you're using Safari, you'll end up with a file that looks like "linkedin_export.csv.txt." Rename the file and remove ".txt." It's ready for import.

If you're using another web browser, open the CSV file in Excel or Google Sheets and use Save As to save it again as a CSV. Otherwise, you'll get formatting errors while trying to import it. The second (re-saved) version is the file you need to import into Contactually.

For instructions on how to import a CSV into Contactually, see here.


Will connections' companies and job titles update in Contactually when they're changed on LinkedIn?

No, because you're simply importing your LinkedIn connections and not using a direct integration between Contactually and LinkedIn (one doesn't exist). Depending on what information your LinkedIn connections make public, Contactually's integration with FullContact, which pulls publicly-available data from the web, may update contacts' locations, companies, and titles for you.

Does Contactually log my LinkedIn message history with my connections?

No. Importing your LinkedIn connections only imports their contact information, not your message history with them. Going forward, Contactually will keep a record of all emails you send to and receive from those connections, but not direct messages on LinkedIn.

Can I direct message a LinkedIn connection through Contactually?

No, because there it isn't an integration between LinkedIn and Contactually, so they aren't directly connected.

Is there a way to sync LinkedIn and Contactually?

You can sync LinkedIn connections with an Android via the LinkedIn mobile app. See here for instructions.

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