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Last Updated: Sep 26, 2017 05:29PM EDT
Capture real estate leads for immediate follow-up

Enable Lead Capture to continuously import leads from your inbox and bucket them. Attach a Program to a Bucket to automatically trigger a response or campaign, and be confident knowing you'll always engage the lead while the interest is hot.

How it works

Enabling Lead Capture asks Contactually to locate emails in your inbox from,, RE/MAX, and Zillow. Once it identifies that an email exists, it looks for a lead inside the email. If the email contains a lead, Contactually creates a contact for that lead and buckets it.


How to activate Lead Capture

1. Go to Settings and click Lead Capture on the left hand side. 

2. Tick the checkbox at the top of the page to indicate "I want Contactually to automatically bucket and remind me to follow up with leads from sources."

3. Click the dropdown menu next to each lead source to assign leads from that source to a Bucket. Not choosing a Bucket does not disable lead capture from that source. It simply means leads from that source will be imported to the general Contactually database.

4. Click Save.


Can I capture leads from only one of the listed sources?

No, enabling Lead Capture scrapes leads from all four sources. There is no way to scrape leads only from one or some sources using Lead Capture. To capture leads only from Zillow, enable the Zillow and Trulia integration. If you receive Zillow leads, it's a good idea to enable that integration regardless of if you've activated the Lead Capture feature above.

Can I capture leads from other sources?

Yes. See here for a list of lead sources that integrate directly with Contactually.

You can also use Zapier, an app connector tool, to create Zaps to import leads. Some Zaps already exist, including ones that capture leads from IDX Broker, Kunversion, Real Geeks, and website forms.

Will Contactually import emails from lead sources that don't contain leads, such as advertising and support emails?

No, Contactually only creates contacts from leads within emails you receive. Emails from lead sources without leads are ignored.

Why aren't my leads showing up?

When leads aren't captured, it's usually due to one of three reasons:

  • the checkbox at the top of the page indicating "I want Contactually to automatically bucket and remind me to follow up with leads from sources" is not ticked,
  • the lead source changed the email address it uses to send leads to your inbox (the email address in the "from" field is different than before), or
  • the lead source changed the contact information template or format in the email.

If the issue is the second or third reason, please forward the entire lead email to If multiple leads haven't been captured but the leads are from the same source, there is no need to forward every email. One serves as an example. If multiple leads haven't been captured but the leads are from different sources, please forward one email per source.

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