Record and attach videos to Messages via the BombBomb integration

Last Updated: Dec 27, 2017 03:12PM EST
BombBomb is now part of the Contactually Composer! You can record and send a BombBomb message without leaving Contactually, or add a BombBomb video to a template for use with Follow-Ups or ScaleMail.
Enabling the BombBomb integration in Contactually
1. In your Contactually account, go to Settings then Integrations.
2. Look for the BombBomb "Connect" button.

Integrations option in Contactually settings

3. Enter your BombBomb API token.

BombBomb settings overlay



Note: You can get your BombBomb API token from your account (if you already have one) here:
BombBomb API key retrieval
4. Click on "Save" and you're done.

Send an individual message via the BombBomb integration

1. Start a new message by clicking on a contact's email address or Follow-Up prompt, or by going to Messages and clicking on New Message.

2. Click on the BombBomb icon in the Composer.

Composer with BombBomb integration highlighted
3. Allow the app to access your camera and microphone (depending on your browser, this message may show at the top, near the address bar).

4. Record your video message.

5. Click on OK when done or cancel to retake a new video.

6. Send your email like normal, adding whatever text you'd like.

7. The contact receiving the email just needs to click on the link to view the recorded video message.
Create a template to use with a BombBomb video for a Program, ScaleMail, or Follow-Ups
Some situations in Contactually require you to use a template to send messages, or are simply more convenient this way. To create a template that includes a BombBomb message, make sure you have enabled the BombBomb integration and then follow the steps below (Hint - you can also use this process to insert an existing BombBomb video in a Contactually message without using a template):

1. Record your BombBomb video in BombBomb or via Contactually (recording in Contactually will save it to your BombBomb library).

2. Access the video in your BombBomb library and right click on the thumbnail image on the left-hand side.  Select "Save Image As..." and save it with a name and in a location that you will be able to find later.
Save the Video Image Thumbnail

3. Click "Edit" to the right of the video, then Link & Share. This will generate a box with the link to your video. Note this link for use in your template.
Link & Share in BombBomb
 Link overlay box

4. Back in Contactually, click on the User Menu and then Email Templates.
User menu with dropdown navigation to Email Templates

5. Select Create Email Template and proceed to write your new template. Once you have the text, put your cursor where you want the image and link to appear, and click the insert image button.
Select insert image from the composer toolbar

6. A dialog will pop up to upload your image and set your link. First, click on the upload tab and choose the file to upload (this should be the image you saved in step 2). Click "Send it to the Server". Once it is successfully sent, the tab will change to  the Image Info tab.

Upload image

7. On the Image Info tab, you can set the image size. In most cases, the max recommended width for email is 500 pixels. Ensure that the lock icon is closed, to maintain the image proportions (or click it to close it).

8. On the link tab, add in the URL of your video from step 3. Select where the video should open - "New Window" will open a new tab in most browsers and is the most "polite" option. Click "OK" at the bottom and you're done!
Link tab of image upload
9. Save your template and you are ready to go! You can swap out the image or link if you generate a new video in the future, or get creative and use any image you want. BombBomb also allows you to create custom images (thumbnails) to associate with a video.

1. Outside of the trial period, this feature will not be available on the Basic plan.
2. Videos recorded in Contactually will not be saved within Contactually. However, you will find the recorded video in your Bombbomb library and it can be reused from there following the process for inserting the video in a template.
3. Emails sent via BombbBomb directly will not be recorded or tracked in Contactually as they are sent via BombBomb's servers and not your email server.
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