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Connecting Google Calendar to Contactually

Last Updated: Jul 29, 2017 09:28PM EDT
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Your calendar is vital to keeping track of your busy schedule. You use calendar invites to arrange meetings and phone calls and place reminders for yourself so you remember to do specific tasks on certain days.

There's no need to do double the admin work. Simply connect your calendar to Contactually, and your meetings and communications will automatically log to the contact records that correspond to the email addresses on the calendar invites. Push your Contactually Follow-Ups to the calendar you check on a daily basis so they're always top of mind. Sync your tools so all the information you need is in one place!

How to connect Google Calendar to Contactually

1. Go to Settings then click Calendars on the left.

2. Click Connect next to Google.

3. Confirm you are allowing Contactually to access your calendar. Click Allow.

4. You'll see a blue notification bar indicating that your account has been connected.

5. Click the small blue Settings link under the Disconnect button. Tick the checkboxes if you want to add Contactually Follow-Ups and Tasks to your calendar.


Add Follow-Ups suggested by Contactually to my calendar pushes your Follow-Ups to your calendar so that you see that on the top of each day's events.

If you click on the Google Calendar event, you'll see more information regarding your Follow-Ups.

Add Tasks I create in Contactually to my calendar refers to manually added Tasks in Contactually. Tasks will show up on your Google calendar the same way that Follow-Ups appear, at the top of each day's events.

Automatic logging of calendar events on contact records

An event will only show up in your Contactually account (on the Dashboard and/or on a contact record) if there's an email address associated with the event.

Calendar events that are not calendar invites will not log under any contacts because there are no email addresses that Contactually can use to search for contacts and attach the calendar event to their contact records. Calendar events without any email addresses will not show on the Dashboard.

You can go to a contact's profile page and see logged calendar events by clicking the small Calendar tab above the contact record

If the calendar event includes an email address not yet in your Contactually database, Contactually will create a new contact with that email address.


Can I connect multiple Google Calendars to Contactually?

No, you can connect only one Google Calendar with Contactually.

How often does Contactually sync with connected calendars?

Contactually syncs four times a day with calendars. It may take a few hours before you see any newly created events added in your Contactually account. 

Why are my calendar events showing the wrong times?

Calendar feeds display based on your time zone. Make sure your computer's time zone is correct. You can change it if necessary. Here's how.

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