Overview of Pipelines (how-to)

Last Updated: Oct 04, 2017 09:35AM EDT

The simplest way to keep track of business growth

Buckets and Programs keep you on task for following up and developing the relationships that will grow your business. But following up without tracking progress makes it difficult to know if and when your actions will lead to concrete results. Use Pipelines for a high-level overview of your business processes and see at a glance how close you are to meeting revenue, marketing, or hiring goals. Easily aggregate all communication and contacts pertaining to a single Deal, and use stages to trigger Follow-Up Reminders or Programs to ensure no opportunity is lost due to lack of follow-up.

To set up a Pipeline, go to the Pipelines tab and click either Create Pipeline to create one from scratch or Add from Library to download a pre-made Pipeline.


Adding from the Library

Clicking Add from Library will open a window where you can choose a premade Pipeline and download it to your account. Use the left hand panel to filter for Pipelines under Contactually's Global Library or your team's library. To download a Pipeline, tick its checkbox and click Add. You can edit the Pipeline immediately and also once it's been downloaded to your account.

Creating a new Pipeline

To create a Pipeline from scratch, click Create Pipeline at the top right of the Pipelines tab. Name the Pipeline and type in the Pipeline's purposes under Goal.

Click "+ Add stage" to add a stage. Name the stage. If you want to be reminded to regularly follow up with contacts when they're in the stage, type in a number for the Follow-Up Reminder frequency under "Reminder (Days)."

Under "Program (Optional)" you can select a Program to attach to the stage. You must create the Program in the Programs tab before it will be available to attach to a stage. If a stage has a Program attached, contacts will be automatically enrolled in that Program as soon as they enter that stage of the Pipeline.

A Pipeline can have as many stages as needed. It's recommended to use stages broadly and attach Programs to stages for sub-stages or tasks that need to be completed within a stage. For example, you might attach a Program that generates a list of tasks, automates an email, or moves a contact to a specific Bucket based on the Pipeline stage.

If you want to share the Pipeline with your team, tick the checkbox to "Share with team." You can edit Pipeline access permissions for specific team members once you click Save.

Adding Deals to a Pipeline

Once you save your Pipeline, you will see it on the Pipelines tab main page. Click on the Pipeline name to open it. Then you can edit the Pipeline and add Deals.

Contactually terms tracked items "Deals," but "Deals" can also represent clients, projects, events, and donors  essentially anything you want to track as it progresses through stages of a specific process.

To add a Deal, click Add Deal on the right hand side.

A window will open where you can enter the Deal's details. You can type in an existing contact or create a new contact to track as part of the Deal. Deals can include multiple contacts.


Enter a name for the Deal. The name can be an event, project, person or company's name, or another identifier, such as a location. 

Select the stage at which you want the deal to start in the Pipeline. Then indicate a dollar value to track the Deal's worth. This can be the total Deal value or the commission

Click Save.

You will now see the Deal in the Pipeline. The total amount of your open Deals is displayed on the top left under the Pipeline name. At the top right of the Pipeline, you can use the dropdown menus "Open" and "Most recent" to change which Deals the Pipeline shows (open, won, or lost) and in what order the Deals are displayed (by priority, value, or added date).

You can delete a Deal by clicking the trash can icon at the top right.

To view a Deal's details, click on the Deal's name.

The Deal keeps a log of communication with all contacts associated with the Deal. You can also associate referrers. You can use the Won Deal and Lost Deal buttons at the top right to mark the Deal as either won or lost from any Pipeline stage.

 How to move a Deal and mark it as won or lost

To move a Deal to a different Pipeline, open the contact profile of one of the Deal's contacts and scroll down to the bottom right of the page. Use the dropdown menu next to Pipeline to change the Deal's Pipeline. Likewise, to change the Deal's Pipeline stage, use the dropdown next to Stage. Changing the Pipeline or stage will move the entire Deal (all contacts in the Deal), not just the contact whose profile page you're on.

To move a Deal between Pipeline stages on the Pipelines tab, open the Pipeline the Deal is in and simply click, hold, and drag the Deal to the appropriate stage. 

To mark a Deal as won or lost, drag it to the bottom of the screen.

You can reopen a Deal by changing the Pipeline view to display either won or lost Deals. Click the name of the Deal to view its details and click "Dean won! (Reopen)" at the top right.

​Alternatively, change the Pipeline view to display won or lost deals and simply drag the Deal to the bottom of the window where it says Reopen Deal.

Transaction management integrations

Contactually directly integrates with dotloop to sync contacts for transaction management. Additionally, a few other transaction management tools have built integrations on their end.

  • Brokermint (Contacts are imported from Contactually to Brokermint)
  • Realty Commander (Contacts are imported from Contactually to Realty Commander)

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