BombBomb and Contactually

Last Updated: Dec 27, 2017 11:39AM EST
Transform your emails in dynamic experiences

Let's face it: Plain emails get lost in all the noise of inboxes and most people are multitasking while reading emails, anyway, so their attention is already wandering. When you're competing for people's time, it's critical that you keep them engaged with dynamic content.

Contactually integrates with BombBomb, a video email application that embeds quick videos into emails and rapidly personalizes them in a multi-sensory way. Record a video Follow-Up and send it directly from Contactually. Then sync contacts from Contactually to BombBomb to enroll them on video email campaigns. Be confident knowing your emails stand out and engage recipients in a unique manner!


How to integrate Contactually and Bombbomb

1. In your Contactually account, go to Settings and click API + Apps on the left hand side.

2. Copy the API key. The below is an example. Be sure to copy your own API key.

3. Go to your BombBomb account. At the top right, click the down arrow to the right of your name or picture. Click Integrations.

4. Scroll down until you see the integration with Contactually.

6. Paste your Contactually API Key in the empty box. Then click Connect to Contactually.

7. At the top of your BombBomb account, click the Contacts tab. Then click Lists.


8. Click the button that says "Sync list names from Contactually." Clicking this shows Contactually Buckets as potential BombBomb lists.

9. On the left hand side under Create List, you'll see your Contactually Buckets. Click the Bucket you want to import as a list.

10. Click the "Sync from Contactually" button on the right. After a few seconds, you'll see that Bucket's contacts load on the page. The Bucket has been imported as a BombBomb list. 
You don't need to click the "Sync to Contactually" button each time you add new contacts to the Bucket and want them to be imported. Click the sync button once in a while to ensure no contacts have been overlooked, but constant monitoring isn't necessary.

11. Repeat steps 8 through 10 for each Bucket you want to import as a list.

What does the integration do?

Contact sync

Your BombBomb lists and Contactually Buckets will sync both ways and automatically update. Here are more details: 


Video Follow-Ups

You can record a video directly in Contactually and send it out as a Follow-Up. The integration only works for individual Follow-Ups, not ScaleMail. 
See how to send video emails via Contactually using the BombBomb integration for step-by-step instructions. 

The record of that specific email will only be in the contact's profile in Contactually and your sent folder but not in BombBombThe video will be saved for later use in BombBomb but not for later use in Contactually.

Videos from your BombBomb video library can't be used as part of Contactually Follow-Ups. 

BombBomb emails logged in Contactually contact records

You can record a video in Contactually and send it out as an individual Follow-Up. 
The record of that specific email will only be in the contact's profile in Contactually and your sent folder but not in BombBombEmails sent via your BombBomb account (via BombBomb directly) will not log in Contactually.

Problems and questions

Contact BombBomb's support team for questions and issues.

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