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Overview of Follow-Up Reminders (how-to)

Last Updated: Jul 27, 2017 03:48PM EDT

Automated reminders that ensure you're always in touch

One of the things that sets Contactually apart from other systems is that we send you follow-up suggestions. Contactually automatically assesses your database and lets you know which contacts you need to get in touch with, prioritized based on the time passed since last interaction. You then receive both an in-app prompt and a reminder via email. Instead of drifting through the day figuring out which people you need to contact, you can efficiently work down the list of Follow-Ups generated by Contactually.

Follow-Up Reminders are generated based on Bucket reminder intervals. To receive Follow-Up Reminders for a contact, place that contact in a Bucket with a reminder interval. Buckets without reminder intervals do not generate Follow-Up Reminders.

How to get Follow-Up Reminders on the Dashboard

First, set Follow-Up Reminders for the Buckets of contacts you wanted to be reminded to contact.

Adjusting the reminders for existing Buckets

Go to the Buckets tab. The column on the far left titled Reminder shows the number of days that serves as the reminder interval for each Bucket. To edit this number, click the Bucket name. On the page that has that Bucket's details, find the box at the top labeled "Reminder (Days)." Type in the number of days you want to wait between interactions before being prompted to follow up.

Setting a Follow-Up Reminder interval when creating a new Bucket

Use the box labeled "Reminder" to type in the number of days you want to wait between interactions before being prompted to follow up.

Changing your Follow-Up settings

1. Go to Settings and click Follow-Ups on the left hand side.

2. To receive Follow-Up Reminders, tick the checkbox to indicate "I want Contactually to remind me to follow up with important contacts."

3. Use the dropdown next to "Generate up to" to indicate how many Follow-Up Reminders you want to receive. Use the subsequent dropdown menus to indicate how frequently and at what time you want the reminders.

4. Tick the checkbox beside "Email these reminders to me once a day" if you also want to receive reminders in a batch via email.

5. Click Save Settings. All changes will take place the following day.

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