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Referral rewards

Last Updated: Feb 07, 2018 09:50AM EST
Refer a friend and get $10

So many business rely on lead follow-up, referrals, and repeat customers. And when it comes down to it, everything's based on relationships!

Easily refer one or more people at a time using Contactually's share tool. You'll receive a $10 credit to your bill for each referral who signs up for a Contactually plan.

Only paying customers are eligible for referral credits. To upgrade from a trial or inactive account, go to the Plans page of Settings.

You'll receive an email letting you know when a referral of yours has made an initial payment. After the payment has been received, $10 will be credited to your bill. If you have a monthly plan, you'll receive $10 off the next month's bill. If you have an annual plan, you'll receive $10 off the next year's bill. The credit will be applied at the time of your next payment and will be indicated on that invoice.

To ensure your referrals are associated with you, let them know they must use the "Accept" link included in the message you sent via the share tool. See the example below.


Why didn't my referral receive an invitation to join Contactually?

If your referral already has or previously had a Contactually account with the email address you used to send the invite, no invite will be sent or received. If you referral has never used Contactually, suggest checking for the invite in spam and junk folders or, in the case of Gmail, the Promotions tab.

Why haven't I received the $10 for my referral?

Has your referral made an initial payment? The $10 credit is given out after your referral signs up for a paid account, not just a trial.

Do you have an annual plan? The $10 credit is applied at the time of your next bill. If you pay annually, this means you won't receive the credit until the time of your next annual payment.

Were you a paying customer at the time that your referral signed up? Trial users must upgrade to a paid account before their referral makes an initial payment. 
Only paying customers receive the $10 referral reward.

Are you on a team? The credit is applied to the team's bill, not rewarded to individual users.

A referral of mine signed up but didn't use the "Accept" link in the invitation I sent via the share tool. Can I still get the referral reward?

Unfortunately, there's no way for Contactually to verify that a user is another user's r
eferral unless the "Accept" link is used to sign up with Contactually.

If I share Contactually with multiple people at a time, will they see each other's names and emails on the message?

No, each contact will receive an individual message from you and won't be able to see anyone else's name or email.

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