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Overview of ScaleMail (how-to)

Last Updated: Sep 29, 2017 03:57PM EDT

Mass messaging with the personalization your contacts deserve

It’s tough staying connected as your network grows. New relationships can take precedent while old ones start to slip through the cracks. As your business develops, you have less and less time for personal outreach.

Use ScaleMail to email multiple people at once. Communicate at scale while maintaining the one-to-one aspect of each relationship. Compose the base message you want to send to everybody, quickly double check and personalize it for each contact, and hit the send button to send all the emails off at once. And don't worry – no one's BCCd or included in a big group message. Each contact receives an individual email.

Select multiple contacts with fading relationships or choose an entire Bucket to message. Combine several of Contactually’s features to be even more efficient. Use ScaleMail with Email Templates to cut down on admin time, and use dynamic fields to autofill names. You can even click on each individual message to further personalize it. Take a few minutes to add in details specific to the recipients and your mass message will feel like a one-to-one email from you.


How to use ScaleMail

1. Go to the Contacts tab.

2. Use the filters on the left hand side to narrow to a specific Bucket, Tag, or other group of contacts.

3. Tick the checkboxes of the contacts you want to email. You can use the Sort button at the top right to alphabetize the contacts. You can also search for contacts individually and tick the checkboxes next to their names. Contactually will keep a running list of contacts whose checkboxes you've ticked.

4. When you've ticked the checkboxes of everyone you want to email, click the red ScaleMail button on the bar on the bottom of the window.

5. You can select a Template to use or leave the message blank to compose your email from scratch. Click Next.

6. All changes made on this page will apply to all emails. Use the left panel to select which email address you want to send from, enter the email address(es) of anyone you want to CC or BCC, type your subject line, and activate message tracking options. emails. 

If you selected a Template, use the panel on the right to make any changes you want to apply for all emails. If you left the message blank, use the panel on the right to compose your email. Click "Add contact fields" at the top right to insert a dynamic field that will personalize your messages based on the information you have for those contacts.

Click Next.

7. This page allows you to click a specific contact on the left panel and use the right panel to further customize the email for that recipient. Any changes you make on the right panel will apply only to that particular recipient's email. If a contact has multiple emails, use the dropdown on the left panel underneath the contact's name to select the email address you want your message to be delivered to.

Click Next when you've customized all the messages you want to.

8. Ensure you've activated the tracking options you want. Schedule your messages to send now or at a future time. Click the Schedule or Send button at the bottom right of the window to schedule or send your emails.


How many ScaleMails can I send per day?

This depends on your Contactually plan. Please see this page for your plan's limits.

Can I use the Email Open Notifications feature with ScaleMail?

No, this feature is only available for Dashboard Follow-Ups.

I want to send a series of emails. Can I schedule these in advance?

Yes. You should use the Programs feature. See here for how to use it.

Where can I see if the messages in my ScaleMail were opened?

To view the results of any tracking options you activated for the ScaleMail, go to the Messages page on the right hand side of your Dashboard. Then click the small ScaleMail tab.

How do CAN-SPAM and CASL laws affect ScaleMail and Contactually?

It is your responsibility to make sure you abide by the laws regarding electronic communicationSee here.

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