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Mass assigning and removing Buckets, Tags, and Programs

Last Updated: Nov 15, 2017 02:18PM EST

How to perform bulk actions

You can use the checkboxes next to each contact on the Contacts tab to edit Buckets, Tags, Deals, locations, companies, and Programs in bulk.
1. Go to the Contacts tab. Use the filters on the left hand side to narrow down to the contacts you want to edit.

2. Tick the checkboxes to the left of the contacts you want to edit. You can also click "Select all" at the top of the checkbox column to edit an entire page (50) contacts at a time.

3. A menu of options will appear at the bottom of the page. "Add Interactions" allows you to log Interactions in bulk. "Edit Buckets" allows you to edit contacts' Buckets in bulk. "More Options" allows you to edit Tags, Programs, locations, Deals, and companies in bulk.

4. Tick the checkbox of an existing item to apply it or type a name in the "Search for a ..." box to create a new item and apply it. (This is not an option for Programs.) A horizontal line indicates some of the contacts already have that Tag, Bucket, or Program. Clicking to change the line to a checkbox assigns all the contacts to that Tag, Bucket, or Program.

To remove contacts from a Bucket or Tag, click the checkbox until it's cleared. Contacts can only be manually, individually removed from a Program via the contact's profile.

5. Click Save.

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