MailChimp and Contactually

Last Updated: Sep 21, 2017 12:16PM EDT

Seamlessly connect your CRM and mailing list
Keeping two separate databases up to date is tedious and risks errors. Thankfully, you don't have to worry about cross referencing MailChimp and Contactually, which sync two ways.
Use MailChimp to build contact lists and reach many people at once. Easily create beautifully designed emails with MailChimp's formatted templates, and ensure consistency by scheduling a series of emails in advance. MailChimp tracks which recipients have opened your email, allowing you to maximize business potential by following up with the contacts whose interest is highest.
Contactually Buckets sync directly to MailChimp lists. Best of all, you can set it up so that each MailChimp email automatically logs in Contactually and counts as a completed Follow-Up, keeping your communication history updated for each contact — all the admin work done for you!
The power of your brand
Whether you send a monthly newsletter, event invitations, or a series of emails in a drip campaign, MailChimp designs give your business cachet and professionalism. Use MailChimp to reach contacts en masse and stay top of mind in a stylized manner that’s unique to you.


How to sync MailChimp and Contactually
Option 1: Under Integrations in Settings


1. Connect your MailChimp account on the Integrations page in Contactually’s Settings.

2. When prompted, log in to MailChimp to authorize a connection.

3. After a connection is established, click the small Settings link underneath Disconnect  to set your syncing preferences.

Set your preferences for which MailChimp contacts and emails you want automatically added to and logged in Contactually.

"When I email somebody through MailChimp, record that interaction in Contactually" means that all emails sent via MailChimp will be recorded in Contactually and count as completed Follow-Ups.

"When I email somebody through MailChimp and they aren't yet in Contactually, add them to Contactually" means that a Contactually contact will be created for any MailChimp subscriber you email who isn't yet in your Contactually database.

If you want a Contactually Bucket to sync its contacts to MailChimp, select the Bucket and then use the dropdown that appears to select the MailChimp list you want the contacts to be added to.

Click Save Settings.

Option 2: Under Integrations for a Bucket
Once you have completed steps 1 through 3 above and have connected MailChimp to Contactually, you can also sync specific Buckets to MailChimp lists via the Buckets tab.


1. Complete steps 1 through 3 in Option 1 for connecting MailChimp and Contactually.

2. Go to the Buckets tab and click on the Bucket you want to sync to MailChimp.

3. Under Integrations and Programs, sync to MailChimp by ticking the checkbox under "Sync?" and selecting the MailChimp list you want that Bucket’s contacts added to.

4. Click Save.


Whenever you add a contact to a Bucket, that contact will be added to the connected list in your MailChimp account. You can also copy contacts from one list to another by moving them from one Bucket to a different one. 

Note: All MailChimp contacts you want to sync to Contactually must have all and only these three fields (which are MailChimp’s default three fields), and they must be titled exactly the following (which is also the default):
First Name
Last Name
Email Address
MailChimp contacts with additional fields and/or fields titled otherwise will not sync to Contactually.

How often does Contactually sync with MailChimp?
We sync with MailChimp once a day. The very first sync and contact transfer will take anywhere from a few minutes to half an hour.
Can I sync all Contactually contacts to MailChimp by default?
No, you can only sync contacts by Bucket. If you want to sync all contacts, simply create a Bucket labeled "All Contacts," place all contacts in that Bucket, and sync that Bucket to a MailChimp list.
Can I automatically add MailChimp contacts to Contactually?
Yes. To add all new MailChimp subscribers to Contactually, set up this Zap. This will add all new MailChimp subscribers as Contactually contacts, regardless of if you have not yet sent them an email.

There is no way to automatically add all existing MailChimp subscribers to Contactually without emailing them through MailChimp. To set it up so that any MailChimp emails you send create contacts for those subscribers in Contactually, go to Contactually’s Settings, click Integrations on the left hand side, and underneath your connected MailChimp account, click the additional small Settings link. Then tick the box to indicate that "When I email somebody through MailChimp and they aren’t yet in Contactually, add them to Contactually." This will only add contacts once you email them from MailChimp, not new subscribers whom you haven’t yet emailed.
Can I sync a MailChimp contact list to a specific Contactually Bucket?
No. MailChimp contact lists can’t be synced to Contactually Buckets, only vice versa.
If I modify or delete a MailChimp contact, will it automatically be modified or deleted in Contactually?
No, modifications to MailChimp contacts do not also modify those same contacts in Contactually. Deleting a MailChimp contact will not remove it from Contactually.
If I remove a Contactually contact from a Bucket synced to a MailChimp list, will that contact be removed (unsubscribed) from the MailChimp list?
Can I set it so that an email sent via MailChimp logs in Contactually but does not count as a completed Follow-Up?
No. You can create Contactually contacts for MailChimp subscribers and not log the fact that MailChimp emails were sent, or you can create Contactually contacts for MailChimp subscribers, log the fact that MailChimp emails were sent, and have them count as completed Follow-Ups.
Why aren’t my Contactually contacts syncing to MailChimp?
Check to be sure your MailChimp password hasn't changed or that you haven’t deleted a list and recreated it. If you have made any changes within MailChimp, disconnect your MailChimp account from Contactually and reconnect it. See this article for additional help.
Why aren’t my MailChimp contacts syncing to Contactually?
Make sure your MailChimp contacts don't have more fields than the ones below, as that will prevent them from syncing to Contactually. The fields must be titled exactly as you see below.
First Name
Last Name
Email Address
See this article for additional help.

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