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Contactually's not logging all my emails

Last Updated: May 15, 2018 09:57AM EDT
First, make sure Contactually is syncing your email into your account.

1. Go to Contactually's Settings and click Email on the left hand side.

2. Make sure there is a green check mark underneath your email account and a message that says, "We last checked this X minutes ago." If there is not a green check mark or if the message says that it's been more than a day since your email was last checked, click the red Disconnect button.

3. Connect your email account again.

4. Close out of the page. Wait a half hour before returning to the same page.

5. Look for the green check mark and a message saying your email account was recently checked.

6. Once you confirm your email account is fully connected and syncing, look again for the missing email message.

7. If you still can't find the email message, return to the Email page of Settings.

8. Underneath the blue Update Credentials button, click "Missing some mail? Click here." You'll then see a list of the most recent emails pulled into your account. 

9. If the email you're looking for is still not there, ask yourself if any of the below could be the reason for the email not having logged.

• The email came from a contact not yet in Contactually. Only emails from contacts in the Contactually database will log. Contacts are automatically added to your database when you send an outbound email or respond to a sender (contact) for the first time. If you've never emailed the contact, you'll need to respond to the email or manually add the contact to Contactually in order for it to show up in your database. You can add a contact on the Contacts tab.

• The email came from a contact that exists in Contactually, but the email came from an email address that's different from the one attached to the contact in Contactually. In this case, go to the contact's profile, click Edit at the top right, and add the contact's other email address.

•  You've sent the email using an email account that isn't connected to Contactually. To add an additional email account, go to the Email page of Settings.

•  You sent the email to the contact using BCC. BCC emails are not logged.

•  You have an Exchange email account and the email was moved to a folder other than Inbox and Sent. Contactually only logs emails from the Inbox and Sent folders for Exchange email accounts. You can read Which folders in your email does Contactually pull messages from? for more insight.

•  You just sent or received the email. Depending on your server connection speed, it can take a few hours for the email to show up and for Contactually to process it from the time of sending or receiving.

•  Your email is not leaving copies of email messages on the server, so Contactually can't see the emails. Click here for instructions on how to make sure your email is leaving copies of messages on the server.

•  You recently set up your Contactually account, and the email message you are looking for was sent or received more than six months ago. For the initial import of contacts and emails, Contactually only pulls in messages from the last six months.

•  The device (mobile, tablet, laptop) or email client that you're using to send emails uses POP settings. Contactually can't connect to POP3 servers. Most devices and some email clients allow you to switch to an IMAP server. Click here to see some common solutions or search for "[device/email client name and version] switch POP to IMAP."

•  You sent your email through a third party (for example, an email marketing tool) that does not leave messages on your server. MailChimp integrates directly with Contactually on the Integrations page of Settings, while others can be connected through Zapier.

•  You use Gmail, and the email was moved, filtered, or deleted before we could log it. To learn how to log emails from folders other than the Inbox and Sent folders, read Which folders in your email does Contactually pull messages from?

If none of the above explain the missing email, 
please email with
  • the name and email address of the contact whose email is missing, and
  • the subject line and date of email that's missing.

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