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Getting started with Contactually

Last Updated: Mar 27, 2018 08:03AM EDT


If you're just starting your Contactually account, there are a few general things you should do to set yourself up for success.


Import contacts into Contactually

Contactually automatically pulls in contacts from any connected emails. To connect an email, go to Contactually's Settings. Google and Office365 emails will connect directly. IMAP and Exchange emails require a few pieces of additional information.

Unsure what type of email you have? Click here.
Need help connecting an Exchange email? Click here.
Need help connecting an IMAP email? Click here.

You can also add contacts by importing CSV files.

Make sure you review your merge contact suggestions. These suggestions will most likely appear on the Dashboard after a few hours.

Bucket contacts

Bucketing, or categorizing contacts, tells Contactually which of your contacts you want to follow up with. By editing each Bucket's settings, you can set how often you want to be reminded to touch base with those contacts.
Create or identify Buckets for your five most important categories of contacts. You can add more Buckets later if you want.

Bucket just 100-200 of your contacts. It'll only take 15 minutes if you use the Bucket Game.

If you have Gmail and use Google Chrome, you can download the plugin to easily add new contacts to Buckets or change existing contacts' Buckets.

Get in touch with your contacts
By consistently getting in touch with your contacts, you stay top of mind and develop stronger relationships. This eventually leads to business and referrals.

Set what time you want the daily Follow-Up Reminder email sent to you and how many Follow-Up Reminders you can handle per day.

Log in to Contactually each day to see your Dashboard of reminders. Be sure to actually follow through in following up! Otherwise your relationships will fall by the wayside.

Log phone calls and meetings in Contactually so they count toward your Follow-Up goal for each contact.

Set up Templates or download some from Contactually's Library. This will make following up easier and more efficient, and you can always edit messages before sending so that they don't seem canned.

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