How do I create a bucket?

Last Updated: Nov 27, 2016 01:13PM EST
Buckets let you organize your relationships. It is also is a way for you consistently keep in touch with your contacts.

There are two ways to add a bucket. First one is by 'Creating a New Bucket' which can be done either through the Buckets Page or at the Contacts Page. The next way to add a bucket is by 'Using a preset bucket from the Library'.

Creating a new Bucket:

You can create a new bucket through the Buckets Page and also through the contacts page.

Through the Buckets page

1. Log in to your account and click on Buckets.

2. On the Buckets page, select 'Create a Bucket'.

3. A pop-up box will appear and it will allow you to enter your Bucket's Name and Goal. It will also let you set the follow-up rule for reminders.

Name - Name of your new bucket.

Goal - (optional) A short description of what you are aiming for when keeping in touch with contacts that you will be placing in that bucket. This would appear on a line right below the Bucket's Name so you can easily be reminded of the bucket's goal / description at a glance.

Reminder box - used to set up follow-up rule for your new bucket.

Through the Contacts page

1. Click on Contacts.

2. Select a contact that you want to go into the new bucket. After selecting a contact, you then need to click on 'Edit buckets' from the bottom menu of the page.

3. Type in the name of the new bucket and click on the small box or press enter to create the bucket. 

4. Click on 'Save' after creating the bucket to place the selected contact in the new bucket. A notification will appear on top confirming that a new bucket was created and confirming that you have successfully bucketed that contact.

Using a preset bucket from the Library

Contactually has preset buckets available through your library which you can choose and select to use for your account.

1. Head over to your Buckets page and click on 'Add from Library'.

2. Your Library window will now open. From here you can filter through the available buckets by using the left panel. The main panel will list down the available buckets for your selected filter. Details of the selected bucket will be displayed on the right panel. 

3. You would then need to put a check mark on the buckets you want to use and click on 'Add' at the bottom of the window. The selected buckets will be copied over to your buckets page.


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