Scheduling messages to send at key times

Last Updated: Oct 17, 2017 12:17PM EDT
Send your message at the perfect moment

The free time you have to write an email might not coincide with the time when your contacts are checking their inboxes. Schedule an email to send later so that it arrives at a better hour or on a different day. Compose messages in advance of a busy week or a week when you're out of office and schedule them to send while you're unavailable, ensuring your Follow-Ups go out at the right time.

Whether you're working night owl hours, on a different time zone than your contacts, or know your recipient's on vacation, Contactually's scheduling feature ensures your message is sent at a more appropriate or effective time. Relax knowing your email won't be buried among others, and in the case of a specific event, such as a birthday or anniversary, be confident knowing it'll arrive right on time.


How to schedule emails to send later

1. Click Schedule in the Follow-Up modal.

2. Select the date and time you want the message to send.

3. Click Save.

4. The buttons on the Follow-Up modal will change to a button indicating the scheduled send time and a Change button.

5. To confirm that you want the message to send at the scheduled time, click the button indicating the time you set. To change the scheduled time, click Change.

Using the Best Time to Email feature

We all know how easy it is for emails to get lost in a crowded inbox. And if your message arrives during a time when the recipient is really busy or offline, the chances it'll be read and responded to are even lower. Soon it'll be buried among the other emails in the inbox black hole.
So how can you increase your chances of getting a reply?
The Best Time To Email feature suggests you send your email at an hour when the recipient is already likely to be responding to messages. We've used data on each contact's reply history to show the hours the recipient's previously been active in his or her inbox.
All you have to do is click one of the times shown to schedule your email.

The Best Time to Email feature is only available for users on the Professional, Accelerator, and Enterprise plans.

Where to view and edit scheduled messages

1. Go to the Messages page.

2. Click the Sent tab and click Scheduled on the dropdown menu.

3. Click the message's subject line to open it.

4. Click the Change button to modify the scheduled send time.

5. To confirm that you want the message to send at the scheduled time, click the button indicating the time you set.


Can I schedule an email to go out at a specific time in the recipient's time zone?

Contactually doesn't keep track of your contacts' time zones. You can manually convert the time and schedule the message accordingly. For example, if you're on Eastern Standard Time but the message recipient is on Pacific Standard Time, schedule the message to send at 12:00 PM if you want the recipient to receive it at 9:00 AM.

Where do you get the data shown in the Best Time to Send area of the contact sidebar?

When you send an email from Contactually, we track whether or not the recipient responds and at what time. This is the data shown when you click Contact on the Best Time to Send graph. Based on this data, we suggest specific hours as the best hours to send that contact a message because those are hours when that contact's previously been active in his or her inbox.

We've also used data on reply histories of your entire database of contacts to show the hours your database as a whole has previously responded to your messages. This is the data shown when you click Average on the Best Time to Send graph.

The more you use Contactually to send messages, the more accurate both sets of data will be.

Can I schedule a series of emails?

Yes. Use a Program to schedule a series of emails. 

Can I schedule a recurring email?

No, you can only schedule an email to send one time.

Can I schedule text messages?

No, you can only schedule emails.

Why are my messages sending at times other than the ones I've scheduled them for?

Check that your time zone is accurate in Contactually. Contactually sends messages based on the time zone indicated in Settings.

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