How do I import my contacts in Contactually?

Last Updated: Oct 25, 2016 05:57PM EDT
Contactually makes it easy for you to import contacts that you may have saved on a spreadsheet, exported from a different CRM or address book. All you need to do is to make sure that they are saved in a CSV (Comma Separated Values or .csv) file format and you should be good to go. 

To import into Contactually, follow the steps below:

1. Go to the Contacts page.

2. On the right side, hover your mouse over the blue Import button, and choose Import.

3. Choose the CSV file you want to import then select Upload.

4. You will then be asked to map your Information (by column) to existing fields in Contactually.

Here you can:
  • Map basic fields like first and last names, addresses, phone numbers, etc.
  • Map your contact categories to custom fields

  • Map your contact groups to existing or new buckets.

  • Map contact notes

5. An important option to the import process is being able to direct the import into one bucket instead of going to the unbucketed area of your account. Click on "Optional: Add all contacts from this file to a bucket" choose from the drop down the bucket where you want to put your contacts in. 

6. Hit Finish Import.

7. Wait for an email confirmation that your contacts have been imported. The email will indicate how many new contacts were created and how many contacts were updated.

Notes/Tips on Importing:

  • If you want to automatically put your contacts in different or multiple buckets, create a column in your CSV with the header "Buckets" and put the appropriate bucket name for each contact. If you type in a bucket different from where the contact is bucketed, it will just add them. It will not re-bucket the contact.  If you enter a new bucket name, the bucket will be created.
  • You can also import custom fields. Just choose custom field and a label field will appear. The column header will be copied there automatically. You can edit the custom field label here if you wish to.

  •  We will only import contacts that have either a full name OR an email address.
  • If you are going to input multiple physical addresses or phone numbers that are different types like home address, work etc you need to input all "house number street name" as addressline1 then another drop down (Type) will appear with a text field under it. You just then have to put in the type in the text field like home, work etc. 
  •        If your contacts have multiple phone numbers, just map them as Phone Number then put  in the type in the text field (home, mobile, work etc)
  •  You can also map social profile URLs. Just choose Social Profile and select the column (if you have that on your CSV file) or just enter "Twitter" on the custom label field.
  •   Columns can have multiple values in them but you need to check that they have commas or semicolons separating those values. You also need to put them inside quotation marks. For example, you have a column that refers to buckets, then in the column, it has to be "Old customer,Investor" or "Old Customer;investor"
  • For buckets and tags, you need to enter the separator used on the mapping page.
  • Any tag or bucket that is not existing yet in Contactually but is in the CSV file will be created.
  • When importing Birth dates, use this format MM/DD/YYYY

* CSV files may show a "Malformed" error when attempting to import, this error can be because the content inside the CSV is not in the right format. Sometimes all values are squeezed into the first column for ex this entire string "First name;Last Name; Email address;" is only in one column. These should be separated in different columns in your file. More on this in the related article linked below. Secondly, this error also happens for CSV files created from Apple Mail or Mac Address Book. This can be fixed by opening the file in excel and saving the file again.
* We will only import contacts that have a full name or email address. Make sure that your contacts have either of these.
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