Editing contacts

Last Updated: Nov 15, 2017 04:06PM EST

How to edit contacts

Via the contact sidebar

1. Click the contact's name on the Dashboard or Contacts tab to open the contact sidebar.

2. Click Edit Contact beneath the contact's name.

3. An editing modal will appear. Make your edits and click Submit.

On the contact's profile

1. Go to the contact's profile.

2. Click Edit at the top right.

3. Edit the information you want to change. Custom fields need to have been added before you clicked Edit in order to show up as available fields for the contact. To add custom fields, go to the Custom Fields page of Contactually's Settings.

4. Click Save.

How to edit contacts' profile photos

Via the contact sidebar

Click Edit underneath the photo to change the photo. Click Remove underneath the photo to remove the photo.

On the contact's profile

1. Click the camera icon at the bottom right hand corner of the current profile photo or placeholder image.

2. Choose the image you want to upload.

Once you've chosen the image you want to upload, it will start to load and the box will automatically close. Refresh the page to see photo.

How to edit contacts' locations

You can see contacts' locations using the Locations filter on the left hand side of the Contacts tab. Contacts' locations are sourced by FullContact and can be added to but not overridden. FullContact runs internet searches for publicly available data.

If your contacts have inaccurate locations on their social media or email signatures, their locations in Contactually may also be inaccurate. For instance, if one of your contacts recently moved states but still has the previous metropolitan area listed on LinkedIn, the previous location, not the current location, will show in Contactually. You can add an additional (up-to-date) location for the contact but can't override the location sourced from publicly available data.

To add locations, follow the instructions below.

1. Go to the Contacts tab.

2. Tick the checkboxes of the contacts for whom you want to add additional locations.

3. An options bar will appear at the bottom of the page. Click "More Options..." and then Locations.

4. Tick the checkbox of the location you want to add or type in a new location to create a new one.

5. Click Save.


Why can't I see my contact's location on the contact profile?

Locations are only visible on the Contacts tab. You can see contacts' locations using the Locations filter on the left hand side of the Contacts tab.

Can I disable FullContact to avoid having inaccurate locations associated with my contacts?

No, FullContact can't be disabled.

Can I merge locations with similar names, for example, "Washington, D.C." and "D.C.?"

No, because locations are sourced from the internet and imported as is, they can't be merged or overridden.

Why don't I see my custom fields on the contact's profile?

Custom fields only display if you've added information into those fields when editing a contact. Empty custom fields do not display. Default fields display regardless of if they have information or not.

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