How do I bucket my contacts?

Last Updated: Oct 25, 2016 01:59PM EDT
Putting your contacts into buckets is an efficient way of grouping and organizing your data. Furthermore, Contactually's bucket system allows you to set follow-up reminders based on how often you need to get in touch with that specific group of contacts.

To maximize the use of Contactually, you will need to bucket your contacts and then set up your bucket rules.

To learn some tips on how to bucket contacts, read our blog posts:
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We have given you several ways to bucket your contacts:

Buckets Page

1. Click on the bucket that would house the additional contacts.

2. Mouse over to the top right side of the page and click on 'Add contacts +'. You can then type the name or the email address of the existing contact you want to add to the bucket. 

3. Contactually will provide several suggestions that match what you typed in the field. Select the right contact then hit 'Save'. A green notification bar on top will confirm that you have added the contact in the bucket. You will also immediately see the contact added. 


Through the Bucket Game

Some of you may have thousands of contacts to sort through. We have created the Bucket Game as a fun way to bucket your contacts.  You can access this by clicking Bucket Game on the top-right portion of Buckets and Contacts page.

All you have to do is click on the bucket the contact should belong to.

Through the Dashboard Page

Follow up suggestions appear on the Dashboard. Click anywhere within the contact's follow-up suggestion row. Hover your cursor on the bucket name and tick the check boxes where you want the contact to be bucketed; in case the contact is unbucketed, you'll see 'None' as shown below. Click on that to bucket the contact.


Through the Contacts page

On the Contacts page, click your mouse over the Bucket column of a contact. The list of buckets will then show up. Click the name of the bucket/s where you would like to put your contact. Don't forget to hit 'Save' after.


Through the Contact's Profile Page

Click on the 'Edit buckets link' on the right side of the profile and select which bucket/s you want to use.

Through the Gmail Plugin

The Gmail plugin enables you to bucket your contacts as you go. When composing an email, you’ll notice that a drop down box will appear.



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