Changing Bucket Follow-Up Reminder rules

Last Updated: Jun 20, 2017 04:30PM EDT


Never let another relationship slip through the cracks

You've got all your contacts in one place! Although it can seem overwhelming to see hundreds of contacts in your Contacts tab, it's easy to organize and prioritize them with Buckets. Think of a segment of individuals whom you'd like to keep in touch with at regular intervals — that's a Bucket.

What are Buckets, and how do they work?

Buckets organize and prioritize your contacts. Contactually sends you prompts to follow up with contacts based on the Buckets you've placed them in and the Bucket rules you've set.

Bucket rules, called Follow-Up Reminders, tell Contactually who your important contacts are and how frequently you want to be reminded to get in touch with them. For example, say you have a hot lead. You want to be sure to follow up every couple of days to ensure the lead doesn't get cold. Create a Bucket called Hot Leads and set the Bucket's Follow-Up Reminder interval to be every five days. If you aren't in touch within each five-day period, you'll be prompted to reengage with the contact.

The Follow-Up Reminder interval starts from the last time you emailed or logged an Interaction for each contact, so starting points are different for each contact. For contacts who have no email history, the starting point is the date the contact was added into Contactually.

Properly setting up your Bucket rules along with your Follow-Up frequency settings ensures no important contact falls through the cracks.

Changing your Bucket rules
To change the Follow-Up Reminder interval for a Bucket, go to the Buckets tab and click on the Bucket you want to adjust. Once on the page detailing that Bucket, find the box in the top right labeled "Reminder (Days)" and type in the number of days you want to wait between Follow-Up Reminders.

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