The Bucket Game

Last Updated: Jul 27, 2017 03:29PM EDT

Quickly and easily organize contacts

The Bucket Game is the fastest and easiest way to bucket your contacts. Contacts are automatically ordered in descending order starting with the unbucketed contacts with whom you most recently communicated. Look at the preview displayed for each contact, click the Bucket it belongs in, and go on to the next contact. Each game buckets 50 contacts, so playing just a few Bucket Games organizes most of your important contacts!

Play the Bucket Game

1. Go to the Buckets or Contacts tab and click Bucket Game.

2. Click Start Game.

3. Use your mouse to click the Bucket you want to place the contact in. Alternatively, hit the letter on your keyboard that corresponds to the letter on the Bucket. Hit the space bar to skip bucketing a contact.


Why is the Bucket Game asking me to bucket a contact I previously skipped?

The Bucket Game first shows you all unbucketed contacts. After it goes through all unbucketed contacts, it shows you contacts that were skipped in previous games. If you never want to be shown a particular contact again, you can hit the letter X on your keyboard to delete it, or you can place it in a purely categorical Bucket for contacts unimportant to your business.

What happens if I click X to delete a contact?

The contact will be deleted from Contactually. You won't be able to access the contact anywhere else in the database. To simply skip a contact instead of permanently delete it, press the space bar.

Can I choose which contacts are included in the Bucket Game?

Yes. You can play the Bucket Game for a specific list or search of contacts by first narrowing to those contacts on the Contacts tab and then selecting These Results after clicking Bucket Game.

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