Syncing Facebook with Contactually

Last Updated: Aug 01, 2017 01:14AM EDT

Facebook can sync contacts to both iPhone and Android address books. If you have an Android, download the Contactually mobile app and turn on the setting so that your phone contacts will automatically sync to Contactually (click here for instructions). If you have an iPhone, you'll first need to sync your phone's contacts with Google Contacts. Contactually syncs regularly with Google so will import all Facebook contacts from there.
If you need to obtain the emails of your Facebook contacts, you can create a Yahoo email to import them into a Yahoo address book. Then export the address book contacts in a CSV and import the CSV into Contactually. You do not need to connect the Yahoo email to Contactually if you don't want to. You simply need it as the method through which to obtain the emails of your Facebook contacts. See instructions here.

How to sync Facebook and Contactually

iPhone users

1. Set a Google account as the default email in your iPhone. 
Even if you don't want to use Google for email, just set up a Google email in order to use Google Contacts. You won't ever have to log in and open Google Contacts if you don't want to. It simply serves as a way to connect your iPhone contacts with Contactually. Read this article for instructions: Sync iPhone and Android contacts with Contactually via Google Contacts. 

2. Apple and Facebook have a partnership that allows you to sync to Facebook via your iPhone. You don't need to have the Facebook app on your phone.

3. Go to your iPhone's Settings and find Facebook.

4. Log in to your Facebook account. The fine print reads that "Photos and user names are automatically updated for Facebook friends."

You can also select the option to "Update All Contacts" if you want to trigger your phone to import new Facebook contacts and update existing contacts' photos and names.

Android users

1. Download the Contactually mobile app if you haven't yet, and turn on the setting to sync contacts from your phone. (See here for instructions.)

2. Find Facebook in your Android's System Settings and log in. The fine print is the same as shown in the iPhone screenshot above.

How to import Facebook contacts' birthdays to Contactually

You can export Facebook contacts' birthdays by following the instructions on Facebook's help forum. Once you download the .ICS file, convert it to a .CSV file using this conversion tool. Download the CSV file. Then change the spreadsheet formatting so you can import it into Contactually.

1. Open the CSV file.

2. Select the entire first column (not just the first cell). The entire vertical column should be shaded to indicate it's been selected.

3. If you're using Excel, click Data and then "Text to columns." If you're using Google Sheets, click Data and then "Split text to columns."

4. Indicate if the data in the spreadsheet is separated by commas or semicolons. For example, if the spreadsheet shows a cell as "Smith,John" and you want that cell to be two cells, "Smith" and "John," indicate that the separator is a comma. If the spreadsheet shows a cell as "Smith;John" then indicate that the separator is a semicolon.

Select "Delimited" as the data type if asked.

6. Save your changes if prompted or required.

7. Delete all the events that aren't birthdays.

8. Change the name of the birthday column to "Birth Date" (without quotation marks).

9. Make sure the format of all birthdays is MM/DD/YYYY.

10. If necessary, edit the names corresponding to the birthdays so that they match how your contacts are named in Contactually. For example, if you have a contact in Contactually named "Jack Smith" and he uses his full name on Facebook, so your spreadsheet lists his birthday under "John Smith," change "John" to "Jack" so the contacts match.

11. Save.

Then import the spreadsheet into Contactually. Return to Contactually after an hour or so and click the Merge Contacts tab on the right of your Dashboard beneath your Network Health grade. This will allow you to merge Facebook contacts and birthdays with existing contacts in Contactually.

How to sync LinkedIn and Contactually

You can sync LinkedIn connections with an Android via the LinkedIn mobile app. See here for instructions. There is no LinkedIn iPhone app. You can, however, import your LinkedIn connections and their emails to Contactually.

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