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Last Updated: Jun 20, 2017 04:29PM EDT

Never again lose touch with your database
Your database is ever growing. It's easy to get lost as the numbers increase week over week. Although a larger audience to nurture is always a good problem to have, it's a problem nonetheless. What if you're not speaking to the right people, or worse if you're not even speaking to enough people?! Using the Reach Insights graph, identify how many contacts you or your team has engaged with over time. If you see someone on your team a bit behind, help coach them up to their true potential and ensure they keep up with the rest of the team. 

Track who is being nurtured 
The Reach tab in the Insights page shows you how many unique contacts you or your team members have emailed for the specified time period. 

Each team member is represented by a circular icon marked with his / her photo or initials. The bar graph tells you how many unique contacts each member was able to reach out to for the specified period. 

Take note that emails, manually logged interactions, and calendar events are counted as an interaction. The system will scan through all of these activities for the specified period and count the total number of unique contacts you've reached.

* It counts the number of contacts not the number of interactions completed. So it will only count 1 if you emailed and logged a phone to the same contact within the specified period.


To pick the period that the graph shows, click on the date selector on the top right of the graph. By default, it shows data on the Last 30 days. 

The export button allows you to export all this data into a CSV. file from a download link, which will be emailed to your primary email address.

You can also click on a team member's name below the graph and it will open up a more detailed view of that member's reach over the selected period of time. This view would show you the user's reach on a per day basis within your specified period.


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