Your Relationship Point Average (RPA)

Last Updated: Jul 21, 2016 08:43AM EDT

Your Relationship Point Average (RPA) assesses the quality and quantity of your relationships. Think of your Relationship Point Average as your Contactually Grade Point Average. If you're staying in touch with the people that Contactually prompts you to follow-up with, then your RPA will increase (higher grade). If you do not follow-up with the people that Contactually prompts you to, then your RPA will decrease (lower grade).


What are Strong, Fading, and Weak relationships?

Based on the bucket rules you set. Contactually will track each contact and determine the strength of the relationship based on how much time has lapsed since you last interacted with the contact as dictated by your bucket rule.  Contactually considers an interaction to be any touch point that you have with your Contacts (email, phone call, calendar event, etc.).

Every time you put a contact in a bucket with a follow-up reminder, Contactually can determine how well you are keeping in touch with that person relative to the bucket’s timer. Each contact is then assessed as Strong, Fading, or Weak. Contactually applies this logic to each contact in your system to get an aggregate score.

Example: Harry just met Ron, a potential client. He placed Ron in a bucket that has a 10-day follow-up reminder. After doing so, he immediately noticed that Ron was marked Yellow (Fading). This is normal, as he hadn't interacted with him through email or logged any manual interaction yet. Harry immediately sent Ron an email telling him how happy he was meeting him. Almost immediately, Ron's status turned to Green (Strong). This is because he interacted with Ron within the 10-day follow-up rule.

After 10 days, a follow-up reminder for Ron showed up on Harry's dashboard. Unfortunately, Harry's gotten very busy and was unable to contact Ron. Several more days after, Harry remembered that he had to contact Ron. To his dismay, follow-up notifications had already piled up on his Dashboard, so he went straight to his Buckets. He checked his bucket only to find out that Ron's status was now Red (Weak). This is because it had been more than 10 days since they last communicated. Harry called Ron and then logged a manual interaction after the call. Ron's status was back to Green (Strong) again.
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