Team payment

Last Updated: Dec 14, 2016 07:34PM EST

Types of team members

By default, the team payer is the person who set up the team account. This person is the sole payer of the team account bill.

A team administrator is a team member who can edit team-wide permissions, activate and deactivate team members, and grant or remove team admin status to team members. A team admin does not have control over the team's payment information. There can be multiple team admins.

A team member is granted permissions by a team admin.


Can team members be billed separately?

No, the team must pay via a single payer. The person who creates the team is the primary team administrator and payer for team-wide payments.

How do I change the payer?

To change the payment information, go to Settings and scroll down on the left hand side to find Plans & Billing. To change the payer (the point of contact on the backend that shows as responsible for team payment), please email

How can I get an invoice?

Invoices are sent to the primary team administrator's primary email. If your team has lost its invoice, please email

Can my assistant be billed at a lower rate?

All accounts are billed at the same rate.

Can team members have different plans?

All team members must be on the same plan.

When I add a team member, will my next bill automatically reflect that?

Yes. If have an annual subscription, the charge will be prorated.

When I deactivate a team member on an annual subscription, will I receive a prorated refund?

No. You can, however, transfer the inactive seat to a new team member at any time simply by inviting the new team member. The inactive, already-paid seat will automatically convert to an active seat, and you will not be charged for an additional account (seat).

My team already has a subscription with Contactually. When I add a new team member to the account, does that team member get a free trial?

No, because your team is already paying.

How can I deactivate a team member?

You can deactivate team members in Settings under Team and Users. See here.

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