Does Contactually read or store my emails?

Last Updated: Jul 24, 2017 07:48PM EDT
When you connect an email account to Contactually, you may wonder what's going to happen to your emails and contacts. Below are some common questions and concerns.

Will Contactually delete my email?


Will anyone at Contactually read my email?

Contactually does not process the content of any emails in your inbox. The only imported information is the emails' timestamps, their subject lines, and the display names and email addresses of recipients and senders.

For more information about your privacy, see Contactually's Privacy Policy.

I forwarded an email or spreadsheet to Contactually for assistance. Are you going to sell my information?

Any information you send to Contactually is accessible to only a select few individuals, and all have signed non-disclosure agreements to ensure that your sensitive information is handled properly. Contactually processes the emails you send only to help fix bugs and set up your account.

Contactually actively processes only the information willingly provided. Contactually does not process the content of any emails in your inbox.

Does Contactually store copies of my emails?

The only thing saved to Contactually's protected and secured servers is whom you email, when you send the email, and the email's subject line. Contactually never saves the content of a message and never even sees attachments.

It may seem that Contactually stores copies of your emails because if you click the subject line of an email logged on a contact record, the message content is often displayed. This is because when you click a message, Contactually communicates with your email server to retrieve and temporarily display the message. Whether or not the message content can be displayed in Contactually depends on whether or not the message content is still stored on your personal email server.

Will Contactually sell access to or spam my contacts?


Why does Contactually ask for permission to "manage" my email?

Because email is such an old technology (the protocol used was developed back in 1986!), there aren't specific permissions. Consequently, you have to give a service such as Contactually access to do anything in your inbox. If possible, Contactually would ask for permission just to get the metadata (email recipients, timestamp, and subject line). But as this isn't possible, total permission has to be requested and granted in order for you to use your email account with Contactually.

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