How can I get copies of the emails that were sent via Contactually

Last Updated: Dec 25, 2016 07:07PM EST
Contactually gives you the option to receive blind carbon copies (BCC) of your follow-up emails or you may opt to just receive copies whenever an email was sent out through our mail servers.

To enable this:
1. Click on your profile picture/initials and select Settings.
2. Click on Email from the left pane of the page.
3. Enter an email address on the 'Default BCC Address' field

After this, all your emails will have a BCC sent to the address you selected by default. You may, however, disable this on the follow-up module right before sending a message.

To disable this option, just head back to Settings > Email page. Remove the email address you added next to the 'Default BCC Address' and then click on the blue 'Save Settings' box.

What if I only want to get copies when emails are sent using Contactually's mail server?

When you send a message via Contactually, we will try to send using your email server first. If your server does not allow us to do that, we will send through ours. For you to have a copy of the email you sent out, enable this setting:

1. Go to Settings by clicking on the gear icon on the top right. 

2. Click Email on the left panel.

3. Scroll down and you will find 'Sending Messages'.

4. Put check if you want to enable it or uncheck if you don't want to. Contactually automatically saves the changes the moment you check or uncheck that box.

Note:  Since it's BCC, emails will go to your inbox

BCC stands for Blind Carbon Copy. If you send an email to your contact with a BCC email address in the BCC field, then the BCCed email address will also receive a copy of the email (in their inbox). But, the recipient of the message ('To' field) will not see that you have added a BCC recipient. Technically, the email address on the BCC field is concealed to the original recipient ('To' field). If you use CC instead of BCC, then the recipient can see that another contact/email address is also getting a copy of the email.


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