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Last Updated: Aug 01, 2016 03:16PM EDT
The iPhone app is now available for all Contactually users! You can download the iPhone app here.

(Updated July 2016: We have released a new version of the iPhone App.  The current version is v3.3.2. The update brings contacts sync via the app to your Contactually account. This is in addition to the features from V.3.1 which adds swipe gestures to complete and edit a task, as well as the ability to send templated messages via email and text messages. To see how to use these features, scroll to the section titled "Version 3.1".)

What features are included?

We've made the iPhone app almost the same as the site. You can:
  • - View, edit, add all your contacts
  • - Complete follow-ups from the app (Email, SMS Text, Phone Calls)
  • - Bucket contacts
  • - See and create tasks
Login Page

You will have 2 options to sign-in to your Contactually Account. You may either use your Gmail (use your Gmail password) or Contactually account (use the same login email and password you use via the web app) to log in.

Signing in using your Google account will open your Safari app. After signing in to your Google account, you will be taken back to your Contactually app and see your Dashboard. 

The Dashboard on the iOS app works similarly to your Dashboard on the Web app. The primary purposes are for you to easily complete Follow-ups, Tasks, and Log Interactions on the move.
When you open your Dashboard, you will see all of your Follow-ups and Tasks for that day.

  • Follow-ups:
    • You will have 3 options to complete a Follow-up within the app.
    • You can send an email, send a text message, or make a phone call.
    • All 3 options will automatically log on the Contact's record, as well as reset the reminder period for the Contact. 
  • 'Left Swipe' gesture on a Follow-up:
    • ​Swiping left on a Follow-up will allow you to snooze the follow up until a later date.
    • You can snooze the follow-up for 1 day, 7 days, 14 days, 30 days, or until a specific date.

  • 'Right Swipe' gesture on a Follow-up:
    • ​Swiping right on a Follow-up will allow you to manually log an Follow up with that contact.
    • Just like on the web app, you will be able to log the type of interaction you had, when the interaction occurred, and any notes about that interaction.

  • Other Follow up options:
    • You will find a '+' symbol in the top right of each follow up on you Dashboard.
    • Selecting the '+' symbol will allow you to either set a future Task for that Contact, log a Note for that Contact, or log a prior Interaction for that Contact.
  • Tasks:
    • ​Tasks can easily be marked as 'Completed', by checking the box on the Task once you have completed it.

You can easily add and search for your Contacts from the iOS app, making sure you always have the information you need on hand.   Once in the Contact section, you will find a list for all of your Contacts with a Search Bar at the top for you to easily find a Contact.

  • Adding a Contact:
    • In the top right of the Contacts section, you will find an 'Add' option, to enter new Contacts into your Contactually Account. 
    • Once the 'Add' option is selected, you have the ability create a new Contact with a few pieces of information.  Below is the information you can enter:
      • First Name
      • Last Name
      • Title
      • Company
      • Add phone number
      • Add email address
      • Add address
      • Add website
      • Add social media profile

  • Contact Record
    • At the top of the Contact's record you will find 3 options to message that specific Contact.  These options are the same as if you were to send a Follow-up from the Dashboard.  You have the ability to send an email, send a text message, and make a phone call directly from the Contact record.
    • You will also find 4 tabs within the Contact record.
  • Under the Information tab you will find the same general information you will find on the Contact's record on the Web app.
    • By selecting the Contact's Physical Address, Contactually will open your iPhone's default Map application to show where the Address is located.
    • By selecting the Contact's Email Address you will be able to send that Contact an email.
    • By selecting the Contact's Phone Number you will be able to place a call to that Contact.
    • By selecting 'Unbucketed' or 'Edit Buckets' you will be able to add and remove the Contact from Buckets.
    • You can see the Contacts' Buckets, Phone Numbers, Email Addresses, and Physical Addresses.

  • Under the Activity tab you will find the full log of all the Interactions you have had with that particular Contact.

  • Under the Notes tab you will find all of the Notes you have logged for that particular Contact.

  • Under the Tasks tab you will find all of the completed Tasks for that particular Contact, as well as of the future Tasks you have for that particular Contact.

'Quick Add'
The orange '+' is a quick and easy way to add Contacts to your account or information to your Contacts within your account.
  • Contact - Selecting Add new Contact will allow you to create a new Contact.  You will have the same options as if you were to select the 'Add' button on the Contacts tab to enter information for your new Contact.  If you need a refresher on the options, see the above section on the Contacts tab.
  • Task - Selecting Add new Task will allow you to create a Task for any of your Contacts.  You will be able set the Task to a Contact, set the due date for the Task, as well as type in a description for what the Task is.  If you are already on a Contact's record, selecting this option will automatically set the Task for that Contact.
  • Note - Selecting Add new Note will all you to add a Note to your Contacts.  You will be able to add the Note to a specific Contact, assign a time and date for the Note, and lastly enter in the Note itself. If you are already on a Contact's record, selecting this option will automatically add the Note to that Contact.
  • Interaction - Selecting Add new Interaction will allow you to log any touch points you have with your Contacts, outside of anything that we can log automatically for you.  The different types of Interactions you can log are In-Person Meetings, Phone Calls, Text Messages (SMS), Emails, and Other Interactions.  If you are already on a Contact's record, selecting this option will automatically log the Interaction for that Contact.

Your Buckets will always be easily accessible from within the iOS app.  When selecting the Bucket tab, you will see a list of all your Buckets with the options to look at the Contacts in each Bucket or adding a new Bucket.

  • Adding a Bucket
    • In the top right of Buckets tab you find an 'Add' button to create a new Bucket.
    • You will have the same options in the iOS app when creating a new Bucket as you in the Web app.  Your options are as follows:
      • Name - The name of the Bucket.
      • Goal - What is your primary goal for the Contacts in this Bucket.
      • Reminder Interval - How often you would like to be reminded to keep in contact with the Contacts in this Bucket, if you fall out of touch.

  • Bucket
    • Once you select a Bucket, you will see a list of all the Contacts currently in that Bucket.
    • Using the 'Search Bar' at the top, you will be able to search for any Contacts that are currently in the selected Bucket.
    • Selecting a Contact will open their Contact Record.​ 
    • By selecting the 'Edit' option in the top right, you will be able to change the settings for that particular Bucket.​ 

Settings (v3.3.2)

  • Contacts Sync - Displays the last sync status. We will typically sync your contacts once per week, but you can tap on the SYNC button to initiate a sync of your device's contacts into Contactually manually.
  • Push Notifications - Allows you to toggle whether you will receive push notifications from the app or not
  • Share Contactually - Takes you to the referral page so that you can share Contactually with friends and family and earn $10 at the same time!
  • Give us Feedback - Takes you to the feedback page where you can send us a message on how to improve the app
  • Report a bug - Takes you to a page where you can open a support ticket and report a problem that you've encountered with the app
  • Legal - Displays legal information about the app
If you want to disable the contact sync feature:
1. Open your iPhone's 'Settings'.
2. Locate and tap on the Contactually app from the list.
3. Under 'Allow Contactually to Access’, tap on the green toggle switch beside ‘Contacts’.
Once it is grayed out, Contactually can no longer sync from your iPhone contacts.

Version 3.1

  • Tasks - We have added swipe gestures to tasks
    • Swipe Right - This gesture will mark that specific task as complete.

    • Swipe Left - This gesture will allow you to edit the task.
      • You will be able to edit the contact this task is assigned to, the due date for the task, and the task reminder itself.

  • Follow-ups - Doing a long press on either the email or text message icons will allow you to send a pre-written templated message.  Contactually will automatically populate any contact fields you have on the email template before sending the message, whether it's an email or text message.  

    (You can also send templates on a contact's profile by also doing a long press and following the same process).

  • Preview Message - Once you have selected your email template, selecting Preview Message will open up the message and allow you to make edits to the message before sending.


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