How do I add an article for content sharing?

Last Updated: Jul 21, 2016 02:44PM EDT
Sharing content is another way for you to touch base and add value to your contacts. Before you share the articles that you will add, you will need to create your content templates

There are 2 ways to add an article in Contactually. First is through the +Add to Contactually Bookmark and the second is adding the link directly in your Settings page.

+Add to Contactually Bookmark
The easiest way to add an article in Contactually is by using the +Add to Contactually Bookmark.

1. Go to Settings (click on the drop down beside your profile picture or intials on the top right of the account)
2. Click on Article Sharing from the left panel
3. Just click on the +Add to Contactually and drag to your Bookmarks bar.

Adding an Article through the bookmark
1. When you find an article that you want to share to your contacts, just click on +Add to Contactually and this will open up

It automatically copies the link as well as the title of the article.  To automatically fill in the description box, highlight a few sentences from the article itself before you click on the +Add to Contactually bookmark. You can also write a brief description of what the article is about.

2. Select "Specific buckets of contacts would find this relevant." and a list of your buckets will appear. You can then check which buckets the article applies to.

3. Click Save to Contactually
4. Go back to Settings then Article Sharing. If you already have it open, refresh the page and you will see the article added.


Adding the article directly through the website.

1. Go to Settings.
2. Click on Article Sharing

3. Put a label for the article you are adding. Note that the label will appear in the message body. 
4. Copy paste the link of the article
5. Put in why it is relevant
6. Decide if it applies to all your contacts or just specific buckets.
7. Click Save and you will see your article added

You can also copy paste the article. Just click "Or Paste Article"

You will then see the text area appear. This is where you can paste your article. 

**Once an article is added, you should now be able to see that on your Settings > Article sharing page. You will now also be able to select that article from the follow-up modal by clicking on the 'Add Content' drop down.
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