Twitter and Contactually

Last Updated: Jun 26, 2017 05:32PM EDT

Keep tabs on your contacts' activities

Contactually scrubs the internet for your contacts' social networks by matching their email addresses to the email addresses associated with their social profiles. Depending on the privacy settings your contacts have for their social presences, Contactually may be able to automatically provide links to their social profiles. These appear under Social Media on the right hand side of each contact profile.

Additionally, you can directly connect your Twitter account to populate your contacts' Twitter feeds and
communicate with contacts on Twitter via Contactually.

When it comes time to follow up with a contact, reference that contact's recent activity at a glance. Be in the know about that contact's interests and news, and use the insight to personalize your outreach. Tweet at or direct message the contact to avoid your message getting lost in the black hole of an inbox. Connect on multiple platforms to ensure you're up-to-date on that contact's activity and anything you share puts you top of mind in turn.

Which Twitter feeds are imported into Contactually?

Contactually's Twitter integration matches Twitter handles to contacts that already exist in Contactually and allows Twitter access for those contacts. In order to avoid cluttering your database, it does not import Twitter contacts that aren't already in Contactually. This helps ensure your database isn't filled with celebrities and other Twitter contacts you follow but don't personally have a relationship with.

How to connect Twitter

1. Go to your Contactually Settings and click Social on the left hand side.

2. Click Connect next to the Twitter integration.


How to send tweets and Twitter messages from Contactually

You can send a contact both direct messages and public tweets via Contactually.

1. Go to the contact's profile and click the Follow Up button at the top left.

2. Choose the contact's twitter handle in the To field dropdown menu.

3. Choose between Direct Message or Public Tweet. Hitting the Public Tweet Button will automatically put @[twitterhandle] in the message body.

4. Write your message and then hit Send via Twitter.

You can view click rates for tweets and Twitter messages on the Messages page. 

How to follow contacts on Twitter via Contactually

You can follow contacts on Twitter in two ways from Contactually.

As part of a Program, you can add a step that automatically follows or requests to follow a contact on Twitter. This is a great step to add to Programs for influencers or contacts met at conferences or events.

You can also manually follow a contact under Social Media on the contact's profile. If Contactually has provided a link to that contact's Twitter (indicated by the Twitter icon), click the Twitter icon to open a new window. You can follow that contact directly from that page.


How often does Contactually sync with Twitter?

We sync with Twitter once a day.

Contactually didn't recognize that one of my contacts has a Twitter. How do I get that contact's Twitter feed to show up on the contact's profile?

You can manually add a social network to the contact profile. Click Edit Contact at the top right of the contact profile and click "+ Add social profile." Type "Twitter" in the field labeled "Type" and paste the contact's Twitter link in the field labeled "Social profile." Click Save. Refresh the page.

Contactually found the Twitter of one of my contacts, but I don't see the Twitter feed. How can I get the Twitter feed to display?

Contactually scrubs the internet for any social media presences your contacts have, but Twitter feeds are only displayed for contacts whom you follow on Twitter. To follow a contact, click the Twitter icon under Social Media on the right hand side of the contact's profile. This will open the contact's Twitter in a new window. Follow the contact on Twitter. Then refresh the contact's profile in Contactually to see the Twitter feed displayed. Depending on the last time Contactually synced with Twitter, it may not display until the following day.

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